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The Jeeng Story

Jeeng allows you creatively harness the power of AI to analyze your content, match content to users based on smart profiling and send your customized and relevant content to your users via a push notification system that works across multiple channels.

The digital revolution in this century has brought with it a whole lot of digital content distribution abilities, yet so many content publishers and marketers still abuse their users’ courtesy by sending them irrelevant content every now and again from multiple channels. No wonder it’s no surprise today, that most people have instead tapped into the power of social media networks for new content that excites them.

Even with quality content that commands a great deal of effort from publishers to make, still does not yield the hugely-desired user loyalty and brand engagement.
Meet Jeeng, a pioneer innovation that seeks to revolutionize how content is delivered to the intended audience.

Jeeng is a content distribution platform that allows publishers to distribute their content more intelligently and efficiently based on AI technology.

Jeeng’s solution allows publishers to distribute their content to users based on their profile and preferences sending them the exact content they are interested in or is likely to arouse the intended action by the publisher or marketer.

Jeeng’s algorithm automatically analyzes the content and user’s behaviors in real time and builds smart user profiling that helps match the content to the relevant users.
On top of it all, Jeeng allows you to monitor the performance of your pushed notification or content in real time and thus provides crucial data that help shape the next course of action.

If you are looking to improve your KPIs and earn more revenue from your content, Jeeng was made for you. Get started today and see the delight of content publishers.

Management Team

  • Shlomi Haybi

    Founder, CEO

    Founder & CEO at Jeeng Ltd

  • Roma Bronstein

    Co-founder & CTO

    Co-founder & CTO at Jeeng Ltd

  • Jarod Keren

    VP Sales

    Communications Technology Consultant

Board of Directors

  • Gigi Levy

    Angel Investor
    Partner, NFX Guild

    Gigi is one of the most prolific technology investors in Israel, Gigi is a two-time CEO, founder, board member, and super-angel

  • Moshe Sarfaty

    General Partner
    Krypton VC

    Fund Manager at Krypton Venture Capital

  • Asaf Levy

    General Partner
    Flow VC

    Founder and CEO of Flow Group, Manager of two venture capital investment funds and a hedge fund.

Advisory board

  • Adam Benayoun

    Venture Partner

    Adam is a Venture Partner at 500 Startups, covering the Israeli market. In his spare time, Adam likes to help founders, practice capoeira and cook delicious meals.

  • Aryeh Mergi

    Entrepreneur and Investor

    Entrepreneur and Investor focusing on email, Internet and mobile applications. Aryeh was one of the founders at Msystems and xtremio (sold to SanDisk and EMC), and also founder and investor at Powerinbox, ActivePath and Kidoz.

  • Amnon Meranda

    Former Chief Editor

    Mr Meranda has 20 years experience in the media and serve as Ynet chief editor

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