Personalize Your Mobile App Notifications

Your users have different interests. Send
each one relevant content.

High CTR

Jeeng guarantees the highest conversion, ever. Sending relevant content increases click rate.

User Lifetime

When sending personalized messages, unsubscribe & block rates hardly exist, letting you communicate with your customers for a much longer time.

Time Saving

Using Jeeng is extremely easy and comfortable. Set it up and watch as the AI sends notifications for you.

Content Analysis

Our AI knows how to analyze and understand your content as soon as it’s published.

Smart Profiling

We create profiles based on user engagement. Our AI analyzes user behavior to match content to interests.


Jeeng’s AI will work automatically, sending notifications that are relevant to each user, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your organization.

Advanced Dashboard

Our dashboard is extremely user friendly, whether you want to send a manual notification or read a report, everything is done with a click of the button.

Real-Time Performance Reports

Comprehensive reports give you all the information you need regarding your web push activity.

Large Image

Choose the image size of each notification – small, large or customized to your brand.

Quick Manual Messages

When sending a manual notification, choose content straight from your dashboard. No need to create the message from scratch.

API Integrations

Enrich the profiles by integrating to your CRM & DMP solutions, feeding Jeeng’s AI with even more data.

Notification Recommendations

We recommend which content should be sent to users in order to yield a higher CTR and better user experience.

Auto Segmentation

Our AI segments and builds user profiles automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

Custom Design

Design your own content. Control the look and feel.

Supporting Platforms