In the News | December 21, 2016

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can ACTUALLY Keep

Ahhh, a New Year, new opportunities. And, for many, a time for New Year’s resolutions—the annual ritual in which we promise ourselves we’ll do better, but in reality mostly just set ourselves up for failure. That new diet? Maybe lasts two weeks. Gym commitment? Give it a month, tops. Get organized? Only if that box of photos magically organizes itself. Save money? Good luck!

While we may have the best intentions, the truth is changing habits is really, really hard. And, for most of us, falling back into our usual routine happens quickly if we don’t have the right tools and systems in place to help us succeed. Like partnering with a workout or healthy eating buddy to keep us accountable. Or implementing an actual savings plan to pad our bank account.

The same is true in email marketing. Many of us might say we want to boost open rates, or reader engagement, or click-throughs, but we might think it’s too expensive to implement new tools. Or maybe it’s too hard because we lack the technical talent or funds to bring on specialized expertise. Or, the fact that there are so many vendors out there promising you’ll rake in big bucks with their product, it’s overwhelming and hard to know who to trust and what really works.

Fear not. We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 email marketing New Year’s resolutions you can ACTUALLY keep this year.

1. Send more personalized emails. One of the easiest ways to personalize emails is by adding the recipient’s first name to the subject line and in the greeting. You’ve probably already mastered that level of personalization by simply using your ESP and customer database. But adding personalized content is a much tougher nut to crack. It requires a much more sophisticated targeting approach, analysis of click and browsing behavior and, to be really good, third-party data. Our DynamicMail makes this incredibly simple AND effective. First, it can instantly detect the device on which the email opened, and deliver appropriate content. For example, if you’re including a link to download an app, DynamicMail automatically includes the link to the appropriate app store, and this changes dynamically as appropriate—when a user opens the mail an iPhone, the link routes them to the Apple App Store. If they later open the same mail on an Android tablet, they’re routed to the Google’s Play store for the app. Geo-targeting can also raise the bar on personalization. DynamicMail can automatically detect the users’ location, time & weather to deliver appropriate content on the open. For example fill in the address for your closest bricks-and-mortar location. This device and geo-targeting, can bolster your marketing emails with highly targeted and relevant content that’s precisely personalized for each recipient. Personalization = done.

2. Add video to emails. Adding video to emails has shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 20 percent. Even adding the word “video” in the subject line can generate a 5X open rate. But, it’s also a tricky one to implement. Most readers are now checking emails on their mobile phones, and adding video could make for an unexpected outburst of sound in an awkward situation. DynamicMail’s play-on-the-open video solution easily embeds any existing video into your email campaigns with MUTED auto-play. Add a text overlay so that recipients can read the dialog, and you’ve got a highly engaging, extremely effective video email that doesn’t ruffle any feathers or embarrass the recipient.

3. Increase urgency to act. Getting readers to open emails is just half the battle. Getting them to take the desired action—to click through, to buy, to share, etc.—is even tougher. Creating limited time offers is one way to spur action, but beyond just giving customers a deadline, crank up the urgency with a race against the clock. Drop in a dynamic countdown timer to show recipients exactly how fast their time is running out. And every time they open it, the time keeps ticking. Nothing says, “Act NOW!” like seeing the time tick away before your eyes!

4. Cut email production costs. Of course, every marketer wants the glitz and wow-factor of super-snazzy emails that grab subscribers’ attention. But, creating dynamic, interactive, dazzling emails takes incredible technical talent, which not everyone can access or afford. Our DynamicMail elements solve that problem with simplicity and ease. Just drop in a short HTML snippet to add a pop-up, flash or glimmer effect, multiple tabs or other effect into any existing email template. In less than 15 minutes you can create an exciting and dramatic effect that leaves a lasting impression on your customers with no IT assistance required.

5. Grow email ROI. When most marketers say they want to increase email ROI, they really mean they want to increase sales generated from their email campaigns. And, while that’s certainly a valid goal, it’s not the only way to grow email ROI. Adding RevenueStripe third-party ads to email campaigns can increase ROI by 4X and add up to $6 in incremental new RPM. Not only does it offset the cost of the campaigns—so your email marketing pays for itself—but it can actually add an entirely new revenue stream, growing email ROI beyond sales conversions.

If increasing your email effectiveness, engagement and revenue is on your To Do list for the coming year (and we really think it should be), we’re ready to help. Get in touch to see how quickly we can have you checking those resolutions off your list with a reliable system that’s guaranteed to help you succeed.