September 6, 2020

How Can Advertisers Optimize Their Apple News Campaigns?

Apple News is an incredibly valuable resource for advertisers. It’s a crisp, clean, mobile-friendly platform that provides consumers with handpicked content from their favorite media outlets. And it’s accessed by over 125 million monthly active users.

This presents a huge opportunity for advertisers who can optimize Apple News campaigns to drive more revenue.

So, in this article, we'll discuss 5 ways to do just that.

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Let's get started:

1. Ensure you have eye-catching creatives

If you have an opportunity to get your content and ads in front of customers, you want to make the most of each interaction. Based on specifications for Apple News monetization, use these content guidelines to create high-quality ads:

  • Avoid using rapidly flashing or blinking animations in banner ads.
  • Encourage supported gestures, such as tapping or dragging an element of the ad, or flicking to scroll.
  • Display pricing and ratings accurately and clearly, and make sure they’re up-to-date, especially if they’re for apps, music, or books sold via other Apple apps.
  • Keep engaging elements within the interaction area, as shown here:
banner dimensions

2. Price your CPC or CPM bid competitively

When monetizing Apple News content, keep ad buyers vying for your ad inventory by pricing cost-per-click (CPM) and cost-per-1,000-impressions (CPM) at a competitive rate. The higher the CPC and CPM, the more attractive your offer will be to publishers. However, if you know the competition is already tight in a certain content category, for example, you might decrease your CPC or CPM and reap the benefits of increased ad revenue.

3. Build creatives of different sizes

Make sure you're enabling publishers to incorporate different ad size slots into their Apple News content. Consult this chart to see which advertising formats are available for different types of Apple News monetization. 

advertisement formats

4. Target specific audience segments

With Apple News monetization, advertisers can target audiences across a range of categories and segments, including:

  • Age range, such as 18-35 years old
  • Engaged audiences, such as those who’ve already interacted with your ads
  • Device, such as iPhone or iPad
  • Gender, such as male or female
  • Location, down to the zip code for U.S. audiences
  • Schedule, so audiences are only shown ads on certain days and times
  • Subscription status, such as those who’ve subscribed to an Apple News publication

Be sure to use these capabilities to target specific segments of readers. This way, you can reach people who are more likely to engage with ads and deliver results.

5. Run your campaign on all available placements

There are several different places where ads can appear in the Apple News app, including:

  • Today feed, which features the latest articles and videos each day
  • Topic feeds, which are curated by Apple News according to categorize, such as entertainment and sports
  • Digest/Spotlight, which features must-see articles related to reader interests
  • Publisher channels
  • Publisher articles, which are housed on publishers’ channels and featured in feeds
  • Between articles or channels, such as when users swipe through content

By running your campaigns on all available placements, you can increase the chances of consumers seeing and engaging with your ads, and stir up more competition among ad buyers.

Optimize Apple News campaigns to drive more revenue

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