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Online businesses today face a lot of challenges when it comes to marketing.

They work hard to create the best quality content they can, but then they need to get it over to their users.

When you have a large number of users who you engage with on a regular basis, you start to realize how hard it is satisfying everyone’s tastes and interests. When sending a message to everyone (push notification or a newsletter) – you’re bound to make some of your users feel annoyed, if not out right spammed.

Autonomous marketing is the latest and greatest concept that can overcome this challenge with unprecedented results, using the power of AI.

But before we dive into it, let’s check out what are the current common solutions:

Distributing Most Popular Items

In order to upset the least amount on users, while still pushing out some of their content, some businesses stick to distributing the most popular content they have on site: Headlines, Big brands, Most popular travel destination etc..


  • The “safest bet” for sending relevant content to users
  • Cheap & Easy to implement – “just do it”


  • Sending the same content as everyone else – Your safest bet is also safest for your competitors. You are not communicating your unique value.
  • Still annoying – Popular content is everywhere, so getting it also through push or newsletter can be annoying for many users.
  • Most of your content not working for you – if you add/update 100 new content items daily (new articles, deals,,,) and you send out 10 daily notification, you leave 90% of your content “hidden”, waiting for users to stumble upon it.


Distributing Through Social Media

Many businesses choose to focus their content distribution efforts on social media (Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). It is a straightforward distribution solution with some very strong advantages. But let’s consider the broader picture here.


  • Personalized distribution to a relevant audience
  • Opportunity to reach new audiences
  • Virality by content sharing
  • Free


  • Distribution is not stable. Audience reach is decided by ever-changing algorithms that prefer user generated content and limit commercial content reach.
  • No ability to re-engage with users, as they belong to the social platform
  • No brand loyalty. Your content is displayed as another feed item like friends posts or competitor’s content.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the latest word in the digital marketing world.

Basically these are sophisticated machines that you feed with your data about the users and you are able to specify automation rules for messaging (i.e. if users abandon a shopping cart, then send them a notification after 5 minutes offering some discount).



  • A sophisticated tool which allows for personalized messaging at scale.
  • You gain the ability to react in real time to user actions.
  • Unlike social platforms, you have a direct link to your audience and able to re-engage with them independently.
  • Distribution volumes are stable and predictable.


  • Expensive. Mostly affordable for top-tier players in each industry.
  • Complicated to integrate as you need to be able to feed the platform with your user data.
  • High maintenance. You need to constantly maintain the automation rule set to respond to trend changes, audience shifts etc..


What is Autonomous Marketing

So as you can see how the current solutions are a bitter pill. They do the job, or some of it, if you’re willing to compromise on performance or budget.

Here is where AI comes to the rescue.

Autonomous Marketing technology basically does everything by itself:

  1. Detects when new content is published an analyzes it.
  2. Measures user engagement on the site and creates user profiles.
  3. Sends updates on new content to relevant users.
  4. Constantly learning from previous messages performance to improve


And that’s it!

Sounds complicated? Well maybe…

So in plain English, the autonomous marketing platform serves as a fleet of marketers that creates and manage incredible number of campaigns.

So, for instance, if you have 100,000 subscribers, there will be 100,000 different campaigns being managed. One for each user!


I think our video is explaining it best:

Isn’t AI expensive?

Normally yes. However we managed at Jeeng to create some neat technological advancements that allow us to provide the power of AI but at an affordable price.

You can even start for free!

All it takes is creating an account here and inserting to lines of HTML code into your website.


We, at Jeeng, believe that Autonomous Marketing is the way of the future, and are proud to be part of that revolution.