In the News | June 1, 2017

Need Better Google Ranking? Write Relevant Content!

When we type “marketing” into Google, we get 1,760,000,000 results. Who knows—by the time you Google “marketing,” that number may increase by a several hundred thousand. The first Google page has a sizeable number of results—so why bother going to the second or third page? The reality is most stop reading halfway down the first page. Time is just too precious, and with seemingly endless options, it’s easier to explore the first thing we come across. This can come at a disadvantage for small businesses. Imagine how far down the page list a small business without a lot of “digital know-how” will fall behind, say, a larger corporation? And other than hiring a skilled SEO strategist or agency (which can cost thousands), what’s the answer to reaching a larger audience? How to market ourselves in a digital age overflowing with content?

The answer is funny and sounds counterintuitive: you must produce more content, and you must produce a LOT of it. The content must be high quality, relevant for your target market, and relevant period.

In a Ranking Factors Study from 2014, it was found that organic keyword optimization simply isn’t enough to keep a website’s search rankings up. For SEO newbies, organic keywords are highly searched words that contribute to a target audience’s goals (i.e. best e-mail marketing tools; leads; sales advice, etc.). Building an organic keyword strategy is similar to building a hashtag strategy on Instagram or Twitter. Rather than only focus on organic keywords, the study found that the “absolute primary focus for content [should be] quality.”

For content to be quality, it needs to provide value. Consider the needs of your customers both present and future. Blogs and vlogs should offer perspectives different from your competitors, and should avoid being repetitious. Website images and video should excite and incite sharing among site visitors.

Google Support pages advises websites to incorporate diversified colors, images, and free of spelling or grammatical errors for better rankings. Also, having a mix of Evergreen and News worthy content provides value, dynamism, and relevance to your audience (also Google’s search ranking likes it!).

Still unsure of what to produce? We will provide you with a metaphor: PowerInbox’s DynamicMail. DynamicMail offers you the ability to create relevant, targeted and engaging content because of its ability to incorporate time-sensitive images, video, and even social media updates into your emails. Like the content you should be creating for Google ranking, DynamicMail is the epitome of engaging email content.

Thankfully you don’t have to spend a lot of money on SEO services to raise your Google search ranking. Through the regular production of regular, high quality, and VALUABLE content you can cut ahead of websites opting for mediocrity.  Great content should not stop with your website, but appear wherever your customers, clients, and colleagues engage with you. Emails (learn how now!), landing pages, Promotional material, guest posts, and social media all should reflect your brand in its best light. So, get in the practice of being of value with relevant content. The result? Better search rankings, higher web traffic, and more engaged customers.