On April 2016 the European Union has passed a new regulation, named GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on data protection and privacy for all individuals within its borders. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. One of its main purposes if to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data, while simplifying and unifying regulations on the matter. This means that many businesses now required to update their current processes when dealing with personal data of EU citizens of residents.

How Jeeng is compliant with GDPR

We serve out customers in order to improve dramatically their content distribution efforts. Part of the includes engagement with their users (opting them into our service, distributing content to them, etc.). With respect to GDPR, Jeeng needs to be compliant when:

  • Enabling our customers to use the service
  • Engaging with our customer’s users

Enabling customers to use Jeeng

Part of the Terms & Conditions of Jeeng includes a PDA (Personal Data Addendum). The PDA essentially is an approval on behalf of the customer to allow Jeeng to:

  • Collect personal data
  • Where relevant: Share this data with authorized 3rd party platforms (Like DMP, DFP, etc.)

User opt-in

Jeeng collects non-personal data on non opted-in users. Meaning that as long as users are not opted-in to the service, Jeeng is not collecting their personal data. Users’ opt-in process includes approval of the website’s privacy policy which also deals with GDPR regulation. If your website currently doesn’t have such a privacy policy – We will offer you our default privacy policy agreement for users which deals with this. Basically, as part of the privacy policy, there is also an explanation on how the user’s personal data will be used.

Users request to delete their personal data

The GDPR specifies that users now can contact businesses and request them to delete all personal data collected on them. In order to facilitate this service, Jeeng provides a quick integration solution which allows our customers to provide a link to a special webpage that allows users how made such a request to delete their on personal data quickly and easily.