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Bobit Business Media Earns 4X More Revenue by Monetizing Newsletter with Jeeng AdServe

Bobit’s online and email advertising program encompasses some 42 web sites and 24 e-newsletters. Recognizing the tremendous value of HDT headline News’ opt-in audience, Bobit began looking for a way to streamline online and e-mail advertising that would capitalize on this highly-engaged audience.

“Most people probably look at newsletters as a way to sell flat-rate. But with our distribution, we knew that CPM could offer an excellent revenue opportunity. It’s a little tough to get advertisers to understand they’re buying impressions, and not total sends. But, it’s actually a much better deal for them, and for us.”— Blake Bobit, digital sales manager, Bobit Business Media

In the quest to effectively monetize HDT Headline News, Bobit had tried both Open AdStream and GAM. While both offered a basic service for a single ad unit in a single newsletter, Bobit needed something more complex. HDT runs 7 different ads per edition, and Bobit wanted ads that changed dynamically, without him and his team having to constantly adjust the system manually.

“The problem we ran into was that we couldn’t rely on them to deliver the correct click-thru URL with each ad. If more than one ad was running, when subscribers clicked on an ad, it would either take them to the wrong place, or they couldn’t click at all,” Blake said. “We just couldn’t trust it to work.”

That’s when they discovered Jeeng AdServe. Designed to work seamlessly in this exact scenario, Jeeng AdServe dynamically delivers direct-sold ads in any format, in any quantity, at any scale reliably in every newsletter. With comprehensive tracking, Jeeng AdServe provides accurate CPM tracking, which allows Bobit to fully capitalize on the revenue opportunity HDT Headline News offers.

“With Jeeng, we now have the accuracy and reliability we need, and it’s eliminated the headache of worrying about the system not working and having to answer uncomfortable questions from advertisers about why their ads didn’t work properly. It’s totally care-free, it just works without any issues at all, and it’s provided peace of mind.”—Blake Bobit, digital sales manager, Bobit Business Media

In addition to alleviating the technical hassles, Jeeng AdServe has also saved Blake a substantial amount of time, not only by eliminating the troubleshooting issues, but also by providing the tracking he needs to bill advertisers accurately and efficiently. He says the team has also become more comfortable with running more advertisers, expanding the monetization opportunity for his publication.

“We now make probably four times as much money by selling CPM through Jeeng AdServe than we would selling at flat rate. Between the added income and the time savings, we’ve seen a substantial increase in revenue with this system.”—Blake Bobit, digital sales manager, Bobit Business Media

While the quantifiable results have been impressive, Blake says the input and assistance from the Jeeng team has been equally valuable. “The team has been fantastic, from the initial introductions and learning about the platform, through the setup, etc., they’ve been very helpful, responsive, work with integrity and deliver on deadline,” he said.

“We knew this would be the most important revenue driver for any of our newsletters, and we needed to make sure it launched on time and worked without a hitch. We did that thanks to Jeeng’s performance and follow-through.”– Blake Bobit, digital sales manager, Bobit Business Media