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Hearst Earns $3 New CPM with Jeeng AdServe

With over 20 monthly magazine titles, Hearst is more than just magazines—it’s also one of the world’s most diversified media companies. Laura Derr runs the company’s sophisticated email marketing operations, which distributes millions of emails to readers each week. The portfolio runs the gamut from “In This Issue” previews to partner promotions and sweepstakes entries to direct sale campaigns designed to drive subscription sales.

Aiming to add an element of dynamic engagement and incremental new revenue to their already sophisticated campaigns, Hearst leveraged Jeeng AdServe to amplify email response and monetize the program.

Working with Jeeng’ development team, Hearst added DynamicMail’s countdown clock to its annual holiday magazine sale promotion, which drove 10,000 more orders, for a 48% lift in sales. The countdown timer is also used on sweepstakes campaigns to spur entries. On a partner campaign with GM, Hearst used the content slider to showcase various elements of the car included in the promotion, scrolling through each photograph like a live photo feed. That slider landed in the Top 3 clicked components of the email. The team is also experimenting with dropping in play-on-open video and fade effects that change the magazine cover.

“People keep saying that email is dead, but it proves itself to remain relevant. Why not add something to personalize it, drive clicks and even make money,” Derr said. “Your database is gold; it only makes sense to leverage it with Jeeng’s dynamic features. The animated components, countdown clocks, and personalization help us cut through the clutter of the inbox.”