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Rainmaker Ad Ventures Boosts Traffic & Sales for Clients with Jeeng AdMarket

Rainmaker Ad Ventures is an online media buying powerhouse.  Honored as one of the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for four years in a row, Rainmaker helps its clients drive millions of new leads and tens of millions in new revenue each year.

Specializing in the financial services and health and nutrition verticals, the company leverages over $100 million of media buying experience to help leading direct response companies scale and diversify their digital ad campaigns.

Always striving to be on the cutting edge of scalable ad opportunities, CEO Drew Kossoff and his team have established a proven track record for delivering high volume, positive ROI campaigns for clients by leveraging innovative and sometimes unconventional traffic methods. “Our goal is to scale clients’ campaigns successfully in channels where we have unique expertise and/or competitive advantages, so we’re always exploring new and emerging opportunities and traffic sources for our clients.”

Looking to experiment with new channels and expand its network of placement opportunities, Rainmaker began testing campaigns with Jeeng AdMarket which offered an opportunity to expand reach and scale. Working with over &00 publishers and 5,000 newsletters, the Jeeng AdMarket reaches an audience of over 85 million unique customers delivering nearly 5 billion impressions per month, including over Apple Mail and Gmail which are typically not available for ad placements.

And, that’s just over email. Jeeng is also rapidly expanding to its web and push notification monetization, offering millions more impressions through the same network with virtually zero effort for advertisers.

“We buy a lot with publishers directly, but Jeeng allows us to expand our reach with publishers that don’t sell direct, giving us access to audiences that we couldn’t reach before,” Kossoff said. “And, the traffic we’re seeing is performing very well. Jeeng audiences are chock full of buyers.”

Not only does the Jeeng AdMarket generate substantial traffic, but their technical team also goes above and beyond to provide assistance and a level of collaboration that Rainmaker has rarely experienced with other ad networks.

Rainmaker reports that Jeeng’s flexibility and willingness to provide compliance feedback on campaigns is a big differentiator compared to bigger networks that just reject ads without any feedback as to why.  By reducing the number of hoops advertisers need to jump through, Jeeng makes it easier to get campaigns live and scaling.

The combination of measurable results and active collaboration has made it easy for Rainmaker Ad Ventures to deliver results for its clients and enabled Rainmaker to become one of the top five advertisers on the Jeeng AdMarket in just a few short months.  Not surprisingly, Rainmaker gives Jeeng “two thumbs up” for the quality of their traffic along with their excellent support.