Bring your audience back.

Create powerful relationships with your audience through automated and personalized content that generates ongoing engagement and monetization.

messaging that clicks.

Jeeng creates continuous one-to-one relationships between publishers and readers through automated and personalized messaging. Jeeng’s powerful AI automatically sends the perfect message at the perfect time, generating more clicks and revenue. 

Look who’s using Jeeng to bring their audiences back!

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We understand everyone from the Thrill Seekers to the Downward Doggers.

With just one simple line of code on your site, Jeeng immediately goes to work learning about your subscriber’s interests, hobbies, and fascinations and serves them relevant content that captivates them over and over again.

An algorithm that gets intimate with your audience.

Over time, we learn more. With every click our understanding of what interests readers is fine-tuned, creating better predictions and increased engagement.

Bring the revenue back, too.

Jeeng monetization lets publishers add new revenue streams by leveraging their own data to engage subscribers and drive traffic.

  • Monetize your Channels

    Publishers: Jeeng can monetize every visitor, every subscriber, on every channel for maximum revenue.

  • Jeeng AdMarket®

    Advertisers: Put your brand in front of over 150M unique opt-in subscribers in email, on the web & in push.

Engage audiences across every channel.

  • Push Messaging

    Our algorithm gets to know your subscribers and automatically pushes out the right content at the right time.

  • Email Messaging

    Automated, personalized, curated content your audiences will want to open and click on over and over.

  • Jeeng AdServe

    Easily extend your direct campaigns seamlessly into email through your existing ad server.

To push the most engaging content to your readers, we had to push our technology.

The Jeengage algorithm tracks subscribers’ likes and interests, building a unique identity profile based on users’ email addresses. Then, we use that knowledge to deliver automated, cross-channel content personalization. Smart technology. Simple to use.

  • One Line of Code

    That’s all it takes! Just copy and paste our simple code and Jeeng goes to work.

  • First Party Data

    End your reliance on third-party data and build a 1:1 relationship with your audiences.

  • Instant AI

    No budget to hire data scientists or invest in big data solutions? No problem. Jeeng does it all!

How can we help you bring your audience back?

Ready to turn your site visitors into active, engaged subscribers? Let Jeeng transform your audience engagement strategy with 1:1 personalized messaging. We’re here to help!