Jeeng Renderer

Jeeng Renderer is a GAM changer for your Ad Ops workflow.

Now you can seamlessly extend GAM to the email channel.

For the first time ever, you’ll benefit from:

  • No Hard-Coding

    You won’t need to have another team hard-code in your ESP again.

  • GAM Reporting

    Manage your ad performance reporting directly in GAM.

Jeeng Renderer gives you a new, beautiful workflow.

Jeeng connects GAM to email, allowing you to mirror fonts, styles, padding and replicating CTAs, place and traffic ads, and manage performance reporting all without leaving your GAM workflow.

  • Workflow is easier, faster and seamless.

    No need for Publisher Email Team Templates or reporting requests for advertisers.

  • Save time, remove errors and get results.

    With the Jeeng Renderer doing the heavy lifting, you can save time throughout the entire team.

  • Give consumers a true native experience.

    The Jeeng Renderer matches the look of publisher's newsletters, ensuring that ads blend in seamlessly.

100+ publishers use Jeeng to connect GAM to email newsletters.

With results that save time, remove errors and get results, it’s no wonder publishers coast to coast are entering the new era of user experience and engagement.

You have 2 options to get started:

Improve the look of native ads in your newsletter by choosing one of three simple templates. Then, start immediately.
Base package options:

Choose any display size units

  • 300×250
  • 970×250
  • 970×550
  • 728×90

Choose one of three premade native designs to be direct sold or for backfill only

  • Templates provide 3 customizable fields (image, headline and description)
  • Need additional customization? See our custom option
Expansive native capabilities that integrate with GAM. White glove, fast and easy set-up. Save time and money. Inquire for pricing.
Options Include:
  • Support for additional data such as excerpts (with full HTML support) or advertiser name.
  • Up to 5 custom fields for additional options such as advertiser logo or CTA
  • Support for 2 third-party impression trackers
  • Support for multiple native units in a single newsletter, such as a logo unit (sponsored by XYZ) and an infeed unit
  • Support for different styling between GAM and backfill
Collapsible Ads:
  • Renderer uses the size from GAM, allowing the system to render native GAM ads while collapsing backfill
  • This uses the existing configuration with placements set to 0x0 with additional sizes for GAM
  • No additional changes are needed on the GAM side beyond the new creative template

Contact us to learn more about Jeeng Renderer.