Giveback Program

Bringing audiences back while giving back.

Community is something that the Jeeng team holds close to their hearts, which is why we created Jeengiving — our Giveback Program, so that we can uplift and support those around us.

Donating to Causes Our Employees Care About

As a part of Jeengiving, each month we select an employee to feature and choose which charity we donate to. Because we don’t just care about our employees, we care about what they care about. 

Featured Jeengiver

Joanna Wayburn

A big thanks to Joanna for her donation to “Hillel”, an organization that empowers those leaving ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel to build meaningful self-determined lives.

Past Jeengivers of the Month

  • Yanay Spinzi
  • Raquel Diaz
  • Shlomi Daniel
  • Alon Tal
  • Dan Lieberman
  • John Kuempel
  • Andre Dublin
  • Rotem Tshuva
  • Shubhangi Rathi
  • Mark Monjeau
  • Sapir Gabizon
  • Noa Lichtenstein

Want to be part of an organization that gives back, too? Learn how you can become a part of the Jeeng family.