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We are Jeeng. This is our story.

Publishers are under a lot of pressure to engage audiences and drive revenue in a way that respects user privacy and with lean resources. The stakes are high!

Jeeng solves those issues.

Our proprietary solutions for driving audience engagement and revenue help digital publishers leverage first-party, opt-in data, so they can build direct, loyal, and engaged subscriber relationships.

What we do.

Automated, personalized messaging with a kick of monetization.

With Jeeng, publishers can end their reliance on the walled gardens of search and social media and move beyond cookies to more accurately curate content and ads, and deliver them directly to subscribers at the right time, on the right channel.

“With one line of code, you’ll be able to bring relevant messages to your end users across multiple channels. It’s that easy. It’s Jeeng.”

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO

Our Team

Meet the Faces Behind the Name.

  • Alex Zemelshteyn

    Alex Zemelshteyn

    Front End Engineer

  • Alon Mischel

    Alon Mischel

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Alon Tal

    Alon Tal

    Sr. Fullstack Developer

  • Andre Dublin

    Andre Dublin

    DevOps Engineer

  • Artyom Nazginov

    Artyom Nazginov

    Product Data Analyst

  • Cynthia Ramos

    Cynthia Ramos

    VP Sales Operations & Client Success

  • Dan Lieberman

    Dan Lieberman

    Sr. Director of Account Management, Advertiser

  • Ed Negari

    Ed Negari

    DevOps Engineer

  • Galit Solomon

    Galit Solomon

    Account Manager

  • Hadar Bar-Kat

    Hadar Bar-Kat

    Chief People Officer

  • Idris Hayward

    Idris Hayward

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Jeff Kupietzky

    Jeff Kupietzky


  • Joanna Wayburn

    Joanna Wayburn

    Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Joe DeBrita

    Joe DeBrita

    Sr. Account Executive, AdSales

  • Jon Blinderman

    Jon Blinderman

    VP, Publisher Sales

  • Jon Stefansky

    Jon Stefansky

    GM, Messaging

  • Keith Gehm

    Keith Gehm

    Director, Publisher Sales

  • Keioni Walker

    Keioni Walker

    Client Success Manager

  • Kira Bacher

    Kira Bacher

    Front End Designer

  • Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen

    Software Engineer

  • Lea Azaria

    Lea Azaria

    Sr. Bookkeeper

  • Liron Raz

    Liron Raz

    Director of Finance

  • Mark Monjeau

    Mark Monjeau

    Head of Client Success

  • Matt Dill

    Matt Dill

    Client Success Associate

  • Matt Thazhmon

    Matt Thazhmon

    Founder & CSO

  • Megan Kolopsky

    Megan Kolopsky

    Account Executive, AdSales

  • Nati Berkover

    Nati Berkover

    VP Product & Data Science, Messaging

  • Nick Buress

    Nick Buress

    Frontend Engineer

  • Nicole Woods

    Nicole Woods

    Head of Product, Monetization

  • Noa Lichtenstein

    Noa Lichtenstein

    HR & Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Nofar Druizendstraal

    Nofar Druizendstraal

    HR Operations Manager

  • Omri Cohen

    Omri Cohen

    Software Engineer

  • Pat Bordenave

    Pat Bordenave

    Sr. QA Software Analyst

  • Phil Reich

    Phil Reich

    Director, AdSales

  • Poornima Balan

    Poornima Balan

    Program Manager

  • Rami Yohay

    Rami Yohay

    Fullstack Engineer

  • Ran Bar-Haim

    Ran Bar-Haim


  • Ran Kalir

    Ran Kalir

    Fullstack Engineer

  • Renee Chemel

    Renee Chemel


  • Rotem Tshuva

    Rotem Tshuva

    Fullstack Engineer

  • Roy Cagan

    Roy Cagan

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Shlomi Daniel

    Shlomi Daniel

    QA Manager

  • Steve Goldstein

    Steve Goldstein


  • Sun Kyu Choi

    Sun Kyu Choi

    Sr. Manager of Sales Operations, Advertiser

  • Tyrone Burrus

    Tyrone Burrus

    Sr. Client Success Manager, Publisher

  • William Lauricella

    William Lauricella

    Director, Publisher Sales

  • Yarden Banet

    Yarden Banet

    QA Tester

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