A whole new stream of revenue. Delivered to you.

Drop personalized ads, optimized for each subscriber, into existing channels to drive new revenue. Jeeng monetization works across email, push notifications and even your website.


There’s money in your inbox.

Unlike cookies that are inaccurate and ineffective, Jeeng leverages email–the most trusted channel–to deliver precisely hyper-targeted content that boosts subscriber engagement, trust and loyalty.

Our rev-share monetization platform pays for itself for guaranteed ROI.


Put every page of your site to work for you.

Jeeng’s simple monetization engine drives new revenue from areas and pages that are currently under-monetized. Visitors get the personalized content they expect. You get the revenue you need to drive business results.


Publishers, advertisers and consumers win. That’s good news.

Mobile news readers offer publishers a huge opportunity to reach massive audiences. But most fall short when it comes to monetization.

Jeeng is the only platform that enables up to 100% newsreader monetization. Act now to leverage this fast-growing channel to deliver personalized sponsored content and help your brand partners gain new impressions.


Jeeng Adfill fills gaps in your revenue stream.

Unfilled ad space? No problem – Adfill automatically backfills open ad slots from our AdMarket advertiser network for guaranteed monetization on every send.


Fill vacant ad space with content that earns with every click.

Does unfilled inventory leave you missing monetization opportunities? Let Jeeng AdServe fill the gaps with automated ad fill that ensures 100% monetization.

How can we help monetize your content and media?