Jeeng Email

With our email messaging, they get the message.

Email is still the most trusted channel for keeping in touch with your audiences. With Jeeng Email messaging, it’s even more so. Our powerful algorithm ensures readers read messages personalized just for them.

Powered by Jeengage®, our unique algorithm

Automated content curation, message configuration and delivery. Our algorithm gets to know your subscribers and automatically serves up the content they want in the best format, at the best time to drive response. You choose how much or how little hands-on configuration you want.

  • One line of code

    That’s all it takes! Copy and paste and Jeengage does the rest.

  • Instant AI

    Deliver interest & intent all rolled up into one recommendation engine.

Look who’s using Jeeng to bring their audiences back!

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Jeeng Email messaging gets your message across.

Jeeng Email delivers real-time audience engagement with automated content curation and email delivery that drives clicks and subscriber loyalty.

Publishers simply add one line of code. It’s that easy.
Jeengage® gets to work analyzing content across your library.
Jeengage® creates a personalized reader interest graph for the user.
Jeeng automatically chooses and sends personalized content to users.
Improve engagement performance and revenue bottomline automatically.

Our platform is designed to be nimble, flexible, customizable and several other “ble” words.

Remarkably targeted and personalized messages to everyone of your customers delivered right to their inbox. Multiple email formatting options from breaking news alerts, single articles and full newsletters—the choice is yours.

  • Audience engagement

    Email messaging gives you the service, scale and results to drive audience engagement.

  • Give them what they want

    Remarkably targeted and personalized messages to every one of your customers delivered to their inbox.

  • As hands-on as you want to be

    Do full A/B testing, format your emails however you’d like and automate as much or as little as you please.

There’s money in your inbox.

Deliver hyper-targeted content that boosts subscriber engagement, trust and loyalty in a channel that is completely opt-in.

Highly targeted monetization to your email compliments the personalized messaging and creates a brand new revenue stream for your business.

Get the message straight from our CEO.

You’ve probably heard that email is dead. We hear it a lot, too. But it’s absolutely not true. In fact, email is having a renaissance, providing a vital and trusted source of information for millions of people.

How can we help bring your audience back?