Jeengage® Algorithm

When we created our Jeengage® algorithm, it was personal.

Jeeng’s exclusive algorithm gets to know your subscribers and automatically curates, configures, and pushes out the precise content at the most appropriate time to boost response. You decide how much or how little hands-on configuration you want.

Cutting-edge tech, because what was out there, wasn’t cutting it.

Jeeng optimizes content – to help you create a messaging program that not only targets the right person with the right content over the right channel at the right time, but also create immediate ROI.

An army of recommendation engines at work.

  • Learn

    Track user preferences for every subscriber using email as the unique identifier.

  • Leverage

    Use first-party data to curate just-right content for each subscriber.

  • Deliver

    Send the right content to the right user over the right channel for precision personalization.

Our AI isn’t just A-OK. It’s A-mazing.

With Jeeng’s turnkey solution, any size publisher can instantly deploy a data-driven strategy to give every site visitor the personalized experience they’ve come to expect.

One Line of Code

Simple, beautiful and revolutionary.

That’s all it takes! Just copy and paste a single line of code into your website and the Jeeng AI does the rest. Jeengage goes to work, getting to know your subscribers and what they like, so we can deliver more of it, to keep them coming back.

Email Identifier

The world’s greatest AI detective.

Why email? It’s more accurate and persistent across devices and channels. Plus, it’s opt-in, so subscribers are always in control and there are no data privacy concerns.

Cookieless World

Built for when the cookie crumbles.

  • Unlike cookies, Jeeng’s email-based solution is fully opt-in so there are no privacy concerns. Users can unsubscribe any time.

  • When a user switches from a mobile phone to a laptop, the cookie trail goes cold, but Jeeng recognizes them by their email address on every device.

  • Email addresses are rarely ever shared, while devices and browsers can reflect the click history of multiple users, which muddies the user data.


Give your subscribers the royal treatment.

From shopping to binging their favorite shows, consumers expect personalization in every digital experience.

Jeeng gives your subscribers that “just for you” experience every time they visit. This unique personalization of content and advertising is proven to drive higher engagement, trust and revenue growth.

And we’re the only publisher-focused platform that can deliver the precise content personalization your subscribers expect across every channel—email, push and news readers.

Future Projects

We use Cross-channel marketing to put the target in the cross-hairs.

Delivering the right message to the right user at the right time over the right channel. It’s the holy grail of digital marketing, and we’re bringing it to publishers. Dynamically and automatically.

With cross-channel messaging, publishers can deliver a consistent user experience that drives optimal engagement across every digital channel. Jeeng knows what each user saw and engaged with over every channel and uses that to optimize future content delivered.

Cross-channel marketing is a strategic, customer-focused digital marketing technique used by marketers globally to provide their customers with a consistent experience when interacting with their brand across multiple digital channels. Implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy can be a little intimidating.

How can we help bring your audience back?