Google Ad Manager Email Best Practices

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Learn how seamlessly Jeeng integrates with your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account so you can  start monetizing your emails. From basic concepts to reporting and forecasting, we’ve got you covered with everything you should know about the integration.


1. Set up a parent ad unit at level one, with the label “Jeeng Newsletters”.

2. At level two, create each newsletter by name (example: Daily Newsletter).

3. For GAM 360, make additional levels for each ad unit within each newsletter. If using GAM Small Business, use Key Value positions for each ad unit within the name. Let Jeeng know the labeling of each ad unit.


1. Downloaded impressions reporting works correctly.

2. We recommend testing reporting during original Jeeng testing.

3. Jeeng backfill data is stored in Jeeng’s dashboard, whereas all GAM campaign data can be found in GAM’s reports section.


1. Everything you currently do will work as is.

2. Check out GAM’s resource guide on forecasting for more information.


1. The best types of assets to use for email campaigns are Image+URL or GIF+URL.

2. Avoid iFrame, JavaScript and HTML5, as these tags do not work.

3. Target geolocation by using Jeeng predefined Key Values.

  • Important to note, selecting GAM’s “Geolocation” option will break the Jeeng code.

4. You can use simple 3rd party impression trackers. A more in-depth guide will be sent upon request.

5. Approved 3rd party tags*:

  • AVID
  • SiteScout aka Basis
  • Uprival
  • OpenX
  • Flashtalking


Depending on your ESP, and what data you have on each email address, we can include additional parameters in the ad tags so that you can target different customer data using those key values. It’s important to make sure the key value names match what Jeeng uses in it’s code, so please sync up with your Jeeng rep on the naming conventions.

Suggested Key Values:

1. Send Date (Email Deployment Date)

2. Mailing ID

3. Gender

4. First Party Data collected during email sign up (location, age, etc)

* Discuss other tag options with your Jeeng representative.