In the News | May 15, 2018

19 Books These Top Executives Say Showed Them the Way to the Top

In Search of Excellence by Robert H. Waterman Jr. and Tom Peters

“This book and the success strategies it uncovered have formed much of the basis of my approach to entrepreneurship and management. The notion that ‘structure is not organization,’ is embodied in the way we operate here at PowerInbox. Instead of investing in and over-emphasizing formalities like a large HQ, corporate hierarchy and other traditional business structures, we’ve instead chosen to stay lean, agile and close to the customer, which has made all the difference in our success. In Search of Excellence, with its expose’ about what it takes to be successful in the long term, was decades ahead of its time in terms of how to empower and motivate employees through autonomy. I’m so glad that I discovered this wisdom early in my career. It has no doubt saved me from several missteps along the way.”

–Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox

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