In the News | February 22, 2016

PowerInbox Doubles Email Engagement Via Autoplay In Email Video

Automated videos optimized for all email clients enable running ads and content marketing in email to increase engagement and revenue


New York, NY, February 22, 2016 – Following the success that Facebook (with recently announced auto-captioning) and leading publishers including Bloomberg, CNN and ESPN are having with muted autoplay video on their websites, PowerInbox is announcing the launch of autoplay videos inside emails.

PowerInbox is the first to announce an email solution to optimize in email muted autoplay videos for all email clients for desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

The autoplay video units run as either an advertising component in RevenueStripe, PowerInbox’s email content recommendation solution OR as a dynamic element in DynamicMail, the company’s email personalization solution. Upon open, the autoplay unit runs on a loop for up to 7 seconds within the email, acting as a ‘teaser’ to encourage users to click through. To activate the full video and sound, the user can click on the link and play the full video or go directly to the sender’s landing page.

“In today’s fast-paced, 24/7 world, PowerInbox’s ability to include videos in email enables us to cut through the clutter and generate double the engagement rates vs. static images,” said Rachel Cooley, Email Specialist at “Increased interaction through email brings more visitors to our mobile app and website which in turn increases conversions and sales.”

The RevenueStripe content recommendation solution provides a dynamic and relevant offering to improve email engagement metrics while generating a new, stream of revenue. Based on PowerInbox’s proprietary machine learning algorithms and experience serving engaging and interactive emails, RevenueStripe matches the right content with the right user based on device, time, location and user click behavior.

“In the same way that video is the leading ad monetization media on websites and in apps, PowerInbox enables running autoplay video ads in email which are showing 3.3x lift in click through rates compared to our static ads,” said Denis Roussel, Advertising Director at

PowerInbox’s DynamicMail is an email marketing solution which enables integrating dynamic and personalized content – product carousels, device & geo targeting, count-down timers and now, autoplay videos – to increase reader engagement within emails.

Despite the rise of social media and chat apps like WhatsApp, research from the Radicati Group’s ‘Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019’ shows that worldwide email growth is consistent through 2019, an accomplishment for the most mature of digital marketing vehicles.

“Facebook and Twitter, along with leading publishers are seeing success with autoplay video ads and now we’re excited to bring the same technology and functionality inside email,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, PowerInbox. “Based on the significant performance improvement we see in video versus static images with no change in email unsubscribes as reported by our clients, autoplay videos have received broad consumer approval and generated considerable revenue for our clients.”

About PowerInbox

PowerInbox provides marketers, agencies and publishers with dynamic, real-time and personalized email solutions which increase email engagement and revenue. RevenueStripe is an email based, personalized content recommendation solution which increases reader engagement while providing incremental revenue for email publishers. DynamicMail enables sending real-time, dynamic content optimized on the open including tickers, forms, video, scrolling images, animation and more. Clients enjoy 30% higher engagement rates and 4X ROI. PowerInbox is venture backed and works with all existing email programs, supporting over 2.5 billion emails a month from leading marketers, publishers and agencies including the NFL, CNN, Hearst, Edmunds, Ziff Davis, GM, MSG and Showtime. For more information about PowerInbox, please visit