In the News | December 7, 2017

Happy AdServersary!

 PowerInbox Marks 1st Birthday of Industry’s Only Integrated Online/Email Advertising Platform


Publishers Celebrate 4X Higher Revenue, 20% Higher Profit, Hours Saved by Managing Online & Email Ad Programs Together in One Simple Solution

For online publishers looking to drive more revenue with less effort, it’s a milestone worth breaking out the bubbly. PowerInbox, the trusted email monetization partner for marketers, agencies and publishers, joined dozens of its publisher customers today in marking the first anniversary of PowerInbox’s AdServer for Email debut.

The only CPM-based email monetization solution of its kind that integrates directly with ad server for web platforms, AdServer for Email has driven outstanding success for publishers over the last year, including:

•4X higher revenue than conventional flat-rate billing,

• 20% increase in profitability for email newsletters,

• Hundreds of millions of CPM-billable ad impressions,

• Countless hours of time and hassle saved by eliminating manual management of online and email advertising in separate, siloed systems.

So far, several dozen publishers have already signed on to the AdServer for Email system, driving 267 percent customer growth since Q1 of this year. And, volume on the platform is up 1,500 percent over the year.

“AdServer for Email is clearly filling a void in the industry,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “While other ad server platforms can manage and measure either online ad views or ads within emails, ours is the only one that handles both seamlessly in one familiar system, allowing publishers to maximize the revenue-earning potential of their newsletters while minimizing the time and effort required to manage them, for an outstanding ROI.”

These innovative publishers can now leverage AdServer for Email’s ability to interact with their existing web ad server platforms through direct integration. This not only offers a streamlined user experience to manage ad programs across web properties and emails together, but also allows integrated, detailed campaign tracking for complete and accurate CPM-based measurement and billing. This drives a direct increase in profit for publishers.

“In Q2 year-over-year, we saw a 20 percent increase in profit with our move to AdServer for Email,” said Steve Werkmeister, director of marketing for Salem Publishing.

“Email is our main channel of contact with users, so it plays a major role in driving revenue for our company,” said Brice Agamemnon, campaign manager for Regit. “AdServer for Email’s integration with ad server for web is a massive plus for our program, and the cost is very competitive. In just the first quarter of using it, email is already generating 6 percent of our revenue and growing.”

Blake Bobit, director of digital sales for Bobit Media has seen similar results. “We now make probably four times as much money by selling CPM through AdServer for Email than we would selling at flat rate. It’s actually a much better deal for advertisers, and for us,” he said. Bobit, who experienced some technical issues with a previous attempt at CPM ad placement in email using another provider, also noted the PowerInbox solution is reliable, which means less hassle in dealing with advertisers who are unhappy that their ads didn’t run or ran with incorrect URLs. “It’s totally carefree—it just works without any issues at all, and it’s provided peace of mind.”

With AdServer for Email, publishers can deliver their own direct-sold ads, leveraging existing sales programs and insertion orders to expand online programs into email. Or, they can tap into the PowerInbox RevenueStripe platform to insert hyper-targeted, dynamic, live-on-the-open content from 175+ categories, delivering the freshest, relevant advertisements in every email. For added simplicity, publishers can even choose to backfill ad inventory once ad server caps have been met from the PowerInbox advertiser network to ensure monetization of every email sent.

Consolidated billing for ads served both online and email streamlines tracking, budgeting and payment for both publishers and advertisers, and provides insight into which ads are working best across each platform. Publishers can change ad content on the fly, and new creative populates instantly across the email network, with no delays.

PowerInbox works with all existing email programs, operating systems and platforms, supporting over 10 billion emails a month from leading publishers.