In the News | May 11, 2016

PowerInbox Takes Personalization to a Whole New Level as Bobblehead Mania Hits the Email Innovations Summit

Email marketing influencers wonder in amazement and awe who will be next


Las Vegas, Nevada, May 11, 2016 – Dynamic and real-time in email technology provider PowerInbox is announcing yet again that “we’re all about the personalization”.

“We’ve been known to bobble along to our tune and that’s why we’re cranking up the tempo on personalization and being a relevant marketer at the Email Innovations Summit,” said Renee Chemel, VP of Bobbleheads at PowerInbox.

“At the Email Evolution Conference, our VIP Bobbleheads were such a huge hit, IBM Marketing Cloud’s Loren McDonald actually took his onstage during his presentation, and it’s now his Facebook profile picture,” continued Chemel. “We can’t wait to add to our VIP roster at EIS.”

After going through a list of over 25 of the top experts, influencers and innovators appearing at EIS PowerInbox selected whom would be selected as a VIP Bobblehead.  It’s a big secret, so you’ll have to stop by the PowerInbox booth during the conference to find out who will take home a Bobblehead in his or her own likeness–the pinnacle of personalization!

Other VIP Bobblehead Superstars from Email Evolution were Ryan Phelan of Adestra, Sal Tripi of Publishers Clearing House, Dennis Dayman from Return Path and Lisa Brown Shosteck, managing director of the Email Experience Council.

While you’re checking out the EIS VIP Bobbleheads, join us for a disco dance off complete with a photo booth to snap a selfie with Beau & Beth, the PowerInbox Bobblehead squad. They’ll be on hand throughout the event to help turn your EIS experience into a personalization palooza.

“Email marketers know that personalization is absolutely critical, but achieving that precision can be challenging,” said Jeff Kupietzy, CEO & Chief Bobbler at PowerInbox. “But with PowerInbox’s tools – DynamicMail and RevenueStripe, we’re making personalization so easy, even a Bobblehead can do it.”

Why is it so easy?  You create your campaign or email template once; DynamicMail automatically makes it unique for each user on the open. Content can change based on weather, location, device and time as well as using sophisticated data science to predict which piece of content a user will most likely click on based on his or her click history.  Marketers can also use dynamic tools such as personalized pop-ups and images, social feeds, video and more.All easy to integrate into every email, customized for each individual recipient. The result: you look like a personalization pro with very little effort. (Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.)

Be sure to disco dance your way over to the PowerInbox EIS booth 412, show us your moves and maybe you’ll even win a Bobblehead mini-me of your own!   Learn about email personalization and how to be a relevant marketer from our Bobblehead crew.


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PowerInbox provides marketers, agencies and publishers with dynamic, real-time and personalized email solutions which increase email engagement and revenue. RevenueStripe is an email based, personalized content recommendation solution which increases reader engagement while providing incremental revenue for email publishers. DynamicMail enables sending real-time, dynamic content optimized on the open including tickers, forms, video, scrolling images, animation and more.  Clients enjoy 20% higher engagement rates and 4X ROI. PowerInbox is venture backed and works with all existing email programs, supporting over 3 billion emails a month from leading marketers, publishers and agencies including the NFL, CNN, Hearst, Edmunds, Ziff Davis, Universal, MSG and Showtime. For more information about PowerInbox, please visit