In the News | April 12, 2017

PowerInbox AdServer for Email Drives Easy Revenue Expansion for Publishers

AdServer for Email is the only path from Ad Serving Platforms to email advertisements


NEW YORK, April 12, 2017 — PowerInbox has successfully launched its AdServer for Email. With AdServer for Email, publishers can access ad space from their opt-in email newsletters through Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or other ad server platforms, making email-based ads as easy to manage and track as any online ad.

In the first quarter of availability, nine publishers have signed on. Impressions are growing nearly 300 percent per month, and discussions with new publishers indicate the customer base will easily double in the second quarter of availability.

“It isn’t just the product, which is remarkably simple for all the power it gives us to manage email ads, but the service team at PowerInbox,” said Steve Werkmeister, Director of Marketing for Salem Web Network. “They came on site to get us up and running, and didn’t stop until we had an email ad server that was a seamless part of our advertising operation.”

“We’re very pleased with the ease of using Powerinbox to seamlessly traffic our client’s ad tags. It allows us transparency into analytics/performance we haven’t had before,” said Blake Hochberger, Senior Director, Media and Distribution for Resignation Media.

While ad server platforms such as Google DFP can accurately measure online ad views, ads within emails have been a blind spot for publishers, advertisers and networks alike—typically sold on a flat-rate basis, based simply on subscriber volume and trafficked using a separate, stand-alone system with no knowledge of the rest of the campaign budget.

“We are the only company with an email product that works with your existing ad servers for websites like DFP, and that has enormous benefits when it comes to extending your demand into the growing under-utilized impressions inside your emails,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “The response from customers has matched our own enthusiasm for this product, and we look forward to building this into a service every publisher will use to leverage their existing direct sales efforts into email.”

PowerInbox: The Most Comprehensive Monetization Partner

The new PowerInbox AdServer for Email leverages the same systems and processes that clients use today. Publishers automatically interact with their own ad server platform—such as DFP, along with a multitude of leading platforms, through pre-built integrations— ensuring a consistent end-user experience on web properties and emails. This new solution provides detailed campaign parameter tracking through the same processes publishers already have in place in their Ad Operations teams. Alternatively, they may choose to use PowerInbox’s newly-developed AdServer for Email, purpose-built for email.

AdServer for Email leverages PowerInbox’s Email Monetization technology, already in use by dozens of leading online publishers, including ABC, CNN, Hearst, Tribune and Bonnier, to insert relevant, dynamic content into emails. Email Monetization inserts hyper-targeted, live-on-the-open dynamic content from more than 175 categories—ensuring up-to-date, fresh, relevant advertisements—into each email.

Additional features and benefits of AdServer for Email include:

• Familiar measurement reports for tracking spend and volume

• The ability to bill once for ads regardless of where they are served

• Leverage existing sales programs and insertion orders and expand distribution into email

• Backfill email ad spots with Email Monetization inventory once ad server caps have been met

• Have a single view for a campaign independent of which platform they run on


AdServer for Email is available today. For further information click here or contact us.


About PowerInbox

PowerInbox provides marketers, agencies and publishers with dynamic, real-time and personalized email solutions that increase email engagement and revenue. Email Monetization is an email based, personalized content recommendation solution that increases reader engagement while providing incremental revenue for email publishers. Clients enjoy 30% higher engagement rates and 4X ROI. PowerInbox is venture backed and works with all existing email programs, supporting over 5 billion emails a month from leading marketers, publishers and agencies including the NFL, CNN, Hearst, Weight Watchers, Sephora and Guitar Center. For more information about PowerInbox, please visit