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10 Missions Sends Relevant, Localized Ads with a Single Line of Code

Auto Industry Publisher Sends Relevant, Localized Ads with Just a Single Line of Code

A B2B publisher focused on the aftermarket automobile industry, 10 Missions Media delivers six publications—two of which are newly acquired—to over 300,000 readers. With content covering everything from business operations, industry news, workforce training and hiring and more, 10 Missions reaches a wide audience including tire and repair shops, collision garages, full-service mechanical and quick-service maintenance operations.  

In addition to its monthly digital editions, 10 Missions also operates a robust email campaign, distributing weekly emails to each of those 300,000 subscribers. With those emails entirely advertising supported, Vice President and Publisher Chris Messer says he began looking for a simpler, more efficient way to grow their revenue. 

“We had been hardcoding ads and/or links into the emails, but it was a manual, time-consuming process,” he said. “Plus, we had no way to customize the ads for different subscribers—everyone got the same ad.”

They began looking at some email monetization solutions, but none seemed to offer the seamless integration the 10 Missions team was looking for. And, most would require way more hands-on management, which meant they wouldn’t deliver the ease and efficiency at scale 10 Missions needed. 

On the recommendation of its email service provider, PostUp, 10 Missions implemented Jeeng’s AdServer for Email, the only solution of its kind to drop personalized ads directly into email newsletters to help publishers monetize their content. Unlike hardcoding every email, AdServer requires just a single line of code pasted into the email template. From there, AdServer populates the ad frame with personalized content based on the subscribers known demographics, previous click behaviors and more.

Instead of manually configuring each advertisement, with AdServer by Jeeng, Chris says the operations team can now set it up once every week, then build editorial into the template. The AdServer platform seamlessly delivers the right ads to the right subscribers for maximum personalization and relevancy.

“Now, our subscribers get localized ads for regional business services they can actually use, rather than bulk advertising for products and services that may not be useful or relevant to them,” Chris said. “It’s not only streamlined our production efficiency but also made our advertising more targeted for subscribers. Now instead of subscribers in New York and Orlando getting the same set of ads, they get offers localized to their specific regions.”

In addition to greater efficiency and relevancy, AdServer by Jeeng also offers a benefit all email publishers can relate to: zero subscriber complaints.

“The mere fact that I’ve not received a single complaint or a concern escalated to me from our subscribers is huge,” Chris said. “When you introduce advertising, that’s always a fear—that your subscribers will be annoyed or turned off—and that’s simply not been the case. The Jeeng ads are relevant, useful and we’ve had zero issues.”

Chris says the ease and efficiency of the AdServer system has also been a plus for his operations team. Instead of custom configuring 20 different emails for 20 different markets, Jeeng does the heavy lifting and does the customization automatically. It also works seamlessly with PostUp, which means less headaches and problem solving, as well.

“I’d absolutely recommend AdServer to other publishers,” he said. “It’s given us great flexibility to improve our ad targeting and we’ve merely scratched the surface of what we could be doing with it. It’s definitely opened up a new revenue stream very quickly by having this direct, automatic placement opportunity inside our newsletter properties, and we plan to expand our use of AdServer into the two new properties we’ve recently acquired.”

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