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8coupons Drives Higher Revenue, Click-Through with Jeeng AdServe

8coupons strives to help its subscribers get the most out of daily life so they can work less, and play more. By helping its subscribers find deals to get “life” done, they also help them discover life’s fun surprises along the way!

Looking to give users more engaging, relevant content they want, and add a new source of revenue in the process, 8coupons added Jeeng AdServe email monetization to its daily email newsletter.

With live-on-the-open content delivered automatically to subscribers on any device, Jeeng AdServe added more value with a marquee-size above-the-fold placement of complementary content. Jeeng AdServe’s highly personalized, real-time optimized content and customization options allowed 8coupons to tap into Jeeng’s sophisticated ad network to design and test various formats, content categories, and more to optimize response and drive click-through rates.

8coupons founder Landy Ung says getting started with Jeeng AdServe was extremely easy. “Implementation was seamless. We connected our development team with Jeeng’s development team, and they made it happen within a few hours.” So far, Landy says the results speak for themselves. “We’ve seen positive results with the integration of Jeeng AdServe into our email campaigns.”