Case Study

Cerium Marketing Leverages the Jeeng Platform to Launch New Email Venture

Cerium Marketing runs a successful email publishing operation, distributing its newsletters to 1 million + subscribers 2X daily. They service their age 50+, conservative-leaning demographic with information focused on, social security, taxes, politics, investments and even health news specifically for mature adults. The company also handles newsletters and lead gen campaigns for several clients targeting the same audience.

The Challenge

Cerium Marketing’s PostBox US is a service for businesses that want to monetize high volume email but don’t want to deal with the technical side of delivery and email management.

For several years, CEO Matthew Klynsmith says the company relied on selling exclusives to monetize its emails and drive revenue. “We were struggling to get out there and sell exclusives, and even when we were successful, the flip side was a fair number of complaints, unsubscribe, etc.,” he said. “So, despite all of the effort we put into lead gen, our click-thru was dropping and we ended up in the spam folder anyway. Exclusives can generate a lot of money quickly, but it puts the list at risk.” 

The Solution

Looking for a more effective and easier way to monetize, Matthew remembered hearing about Jeeng email newsletter monetization in a previous role as a media buyer. The platform automatically inserts ads that are personalized based on subscribers’ demographics, known interests and behaviors alongside email newsletter content. The system not only makes it extremely easy to manage, but also more effective by delivering ads that are highly relevant and targeted for subscribers.

“Having ads alongside the content allowed us to really get our open rates back up, and we didn’t struggle as much with being blacklisted or a negative reputation,” Matthew said. “The Jeeng system is much better aligned with the good content we’re providing. It’s less intrusive, less invasive and more personalized.”

“Jeeng has essentially made email viable for us, not only in terms of revenue but also reputation. If you’re looking for a consistent, reliable email monetization system that just works, I highly recommend it.”

Matthew Klynsmith, CEO

The Results

Fully Automated Platform Saves Time & Drives Revenue

In addition to being more effective, the Jeeng solution has saved Matthew and his team a tremendous amount of time, effort and money. The automated ad placement means he doesn’t have to go out and sell lists, saving him at least an hour and a half each day. He also doesn’t need to hire salespeople or pay a commission to media buyers. In fact, the Jeeng revshare model means he actually pays nothing out of pocket—only a portion of the revenue generated by audience engagement with the ads.

“With the shift toward performance-based marketing in the email world, Jeeng is a much better option than doing it yourself,” he said. “If you sell a $5,000 exclusive and it bombs, you spend even more time doing make-goods and it’s just not economical. With Jeeng, if an ad doesn’t do well with my list, I don’t have to deal with angry clients—it just gets pulled automatically. This has boosted open and click-thru rates and dropped unsubscribe and complaint rates.”

Jeeng Success Inspires New Business Venture

Motivated by the ease and effectiveness of the Jeeng platform, along with growing demand for outsourced email management and delivery services, Cerium has recently launched a full-service email concierge service called PostBox US. Designed for businesses that want to monetize email but don’t want to deal with the technical side of delivery and email management, PostBoxUS provides a flexible solution ranging from automated newsletters with Jeeng monetization to exclusive ads and personalized messages from clients looking to engage with their audience.

A 100% managed service, PostBox US caters to high-volume email publishers with dedicated, experienced email specialists who offer personalized service, including automated email monetization through the Jeeng platform.

“Essentially, our clients provide us the list and the leads, and we take care of everything else, including making them money with Jeeng ads,” Matthew said. “Because we have aligned our processes and made the upfront investment, we have drastically reduced the cost of email delivery for our clients, and the Jeeng add-on makes it extremely affordable.”

Matthew says that not only is the Jeeng platform itself exceptionally easy to use, the level of service Jeeng provides is also second-to-none, which gives his team even greater confidence in the success of this new business venture. “The service has always been on-point, and they’re very quick to respond in the rare instance when we do have an issue,” he said.

Bottom Line: Jeeng Delivers Reliable Revenue

According to Matthew, one of the biggest advantages of Jeeng is its reliability and consistency. Unlike selling exclusives, which can be a “get rich quick scheme” that doesn’t generate ongoing revenue and jeopardizes brand trust for publishers, Jeeng is trusted and accepted by email subscribers. 

“Jeeng has essentially made email viable for us, not only in terms of revenue but also reputation,” Matthew said. “If you’re looking for a consistent, reliable email monetization system that just works, I highly recommend it.”

  • Dramatically reduced time and effort
  • Saved Cerium a tremendous amount of money
  • Increased impressions, click-thru rates and open rate


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