Case Study


As a daily deal, trivia and sweepstakes platform, Dealmaxx delivers daily emails to nearly 300,000 subscribers across three different newsletters. By offering sweepstakes prizes, trivia contests and freebie newsletters, owner Arthur Frischman says the site generates substantial traffic—in excess of 1.5M users—and gives brands a high-profile platform in which to market their latest products.

The Challenge

Dealmaxx executives started looking for potential ways to monetize their newsletters and generate incremental revenue. Frischman began investigating in-email ad placement to engage subscribers and create a new source of income. In his previous role, he experimented with LiveIntent, but “saw a decline in revenues and the ads were getting stale,” Frischman said. Looking for an alternative, Frischman’s started looking for suggestions from professionals in the industry.

The Solution

After receiving a suggestion from a friend, Frischman turned to Jeeng’s email advertising platform. Jeeng’s solution, Jeeng Email, offered the fast, accurate and on-brand native ad solution Freshman needed to achieve his goals.

Reliably delivering hyper-targeted ads based on known subscriber profile and behavior, Jeeng Email helps companies grow email engagement, brand partnerships and revenue. By delivering dynamically-generated ads personalized for recipients’ past browsing and click behavior, device or location, Jeeng Email ensures relevancy, variety and guaranteed monetization of every email sent.

It’s companion product, Jeeng AdMarket, takes the legwork out of direct ad sales, automatically filling open ad slots with relevant content from trusted brands.

“I’d definitely recommend Jeeng Email and Jeeng to any newsletter publisher looking to generate new revenue. It’s simple, effective and pays for your newsletters that you’d already be publishing anyway.

Arthur Frischman, Owner

The Results

Already familiar with Jeeng Email, Frischman began integrating Jeeng Email monetization into his daily emails. The set up was simple and easy—simply copy and past a short HTML code snippet into the newsletter template and go.

“Jeeng Email is extremely easy to set up and pretty hands-off once it’s in place. With a very basic coding background, it takes about 10 minutes to insert the code,” Frischman said. “We’re using 100 percent Jeeng AdFill, too. I could probably sell some spots, but we’re a small company, and there’s so much other low-hanging fruit out there, it just makes sense to use this simple system.”

Since implementing Jeeng Email and AdMarket, Dealmaxx has added several thousand dollars a month in incremental revenue, with a very minimal impact on subscribers. “In the end, we make our money from advertising, and you’re always going to get complaints. But, with Jeeng, it’s so low, it’s really not a factor, probably because the ads are relevant to subscribers that they seem less intrusive.”

The in-email ads have also helped to offset some of the revenue lost to browser-based ad blockers on the Dealmaxx site. “About 24 percent of our ads are blocked on our main site, so that’s a lot of dollars lost,” Frischman said. But, because Jeeng Email ads are immune to ad blockers, even when viewed in web mail, the ads still get through and generate money.

On the management side, Jeeng Email makes it easy for Frischman to manage reporting and billing. The Jeeng platform provides accurate CPC-based tracking for ever ad placed, allowing for easy and accurate attribution and invoicing.

“I’d definitely recommend Jeeng Email and Jeeng to any newsletter publisher looking to generate new revenue,” Frischman said. “It’s simple, effective and pays for your newsletters that you’d already be publishing anyway.

  • Dramatically reduced time and effort configuring and trafficking ads in newsletters
  • Saved their team 20 hours a week, with reduced risk of errors
  • Increased impressions, click-thru rates and RPM


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