Case Study

French Morning Media Uses Jeeng to Add 15% New Revenue with email Advertising

As the leading online media outlet for French expats and French speakers living in the United States, is a fast-growing source for French news and travel information. In addition to six local editions for U.S. subscribers in New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, Texas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, it also operates local issues for Montreal and London.

Boasting over 500,000 unique visitors a month, its online readership has surged 25% over the last year. Its weekly newsletters reach over 120,000 subscribers, including 32,000 and 45,000 in New York and London respectively who receive a newsletter twice each week.

The Challenge

Looking to add a new source of revenue to its existing on-site banner ads, French Morning began investigating email advertising as a potential new income stream. But, they quickly ran into two technical issues. First, its existing ad server not only couldn’t accommodate email ads but it was also starting to become unreliable in delivering web banners. Second, adding email ads would be a manual and laborious process that the small staff of 10 simply didn’t have the resources to do. 

The Solution

To solve the problem, French Morning’s founder Emmanuel Saint-Martin began looking for other options. First, he switched the site’s web banners to Double-Click for Publishers (DF), now known as Google Ad Manager (GAM), which offered reliable, stable delivery of French Morning’s direct-sold inventory.

“Jeeng offered a seamless GAM connection and it’s completely hands off. We set it up once and it now takes care of itself. Without it, there’s no way we’d have the time to add these banners into our newsletters manually.”

Emmanuel Saint-Martin, Founder

The Results

With the help of Jeeng, the email banner ads have become the most coveted engagement opportunities for French Morning’s advertisers and now generate about 15% of it’s total revenue.

“We also sell dedicated sponsored content, but the email banners have become the most prized relationship for our advertisers,” Emmanuel said. “We have a very high open rate, up to 35%, and a very highly engaged audience. Our advertisers are really looking for this niche audience of French expats, and our audience is looking for these niche products designed just for them. It’s a perfect match.” 

Perhaps just as important, the reliability and performance of the Jeeng solution has been outstanding. The French Morning team hasn’t experienced any technical issues at all, and when there have been questions, Emmanuel says the Jeeng response has been extremely prompt.

“Working with the Jeeng team is great. We really don’t have much contact with them because the system just works really well,” he said. “When I do have to email to ask about something, they’re always very, very quick to answer.”

Thanks to the simple set-up and hands-off automated convenience, the Jeeng platform saves French Morning’s small staff a tremendous amount of time. 

“It easily saves us several hours a week that we’d be spending to insert these ads manually,” Emmanuel says. “And, the fact that the performance statistics are all in one place, in GAM, makes it easy to track ad performance. Plus, GAM is basically the standard for advertisers, so they trust that. “

“Overall, Jeeng has been a great experience for us, and I definitely recommend it. It’s a very good solution and offers great value,” he continued. “Considering that our small staff doesn’t have a lot of in-house technical ability, Jeeng makes our life so much easier.”

  • Dramatically reduced time and effort configuring and trafficking ads manually
  • Saved their team several hours a week, with reduced risk of errors


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