Case Study

Insider Newsletter Boosts Ad Trafficking Efficiency by 75%

Google Ad Manager (GAM) integration vastly improves delivery of ads across Insider’s popular, diverse and fast-growing daily email newsletter offering.

Insider’s more than 20 newsletters offer readers the vital information they need to quickly understand what’s happening in the world. The newsletters offer the best of Insider, including scoops, exclusive interviews and hard-hitting investigations.

The Challenge

Once known as Business Insider, Insider is one of the world’s largest digital news publishers with a global audience of 275 million.

For the company’s ad operations team, the company’s many newsletters – each with its own daily schedule – present an ongoing challenge. Insider Ad Operations Manager Sarina Knapp explains some of the logistical difficulties faced by the team to ensure the company’s newsletter subscribers get a seamless ad experience.

“Clients would supply the creative and we’d have to manually traffic the banners for each daily drop,” said Knapp. “With three newsletters, ‘10 Things in Tech,’ ‘10 Things in Opening Bell’ and ‘BI Select’ — each going out Monday-Friday, and one distributed also on Saturday – ad insertion alone was a time-consuming daily slog.”

The Solution

Because AdServe integrates directly with GAM, it can pull creative directly from existing inventory. With just a single line of code added to Insider’s email templates, AdServe inserts ads into each newsletter automatically, which saves the ad ops team much time and effort.

The ads can also be automatically geo-targeted based on a subscribers’ location. The result is a more personalized ad experience, one that eliminates the need to manually configure a subscriber’s location. Jeeng also lets clients insert their logo into sponsored emails for additional brand awareness.

Because AdServe integrates directly with GAM, it can pull creative directly from existing inventory.

In addition, the Jeeng/GAM combination provides better ad tracking performance metrics. With the previous manual insertion method, the ad ops team could see only click-thru rates, but with Jeeng they can also measure logo performance and more easily compare day-to-day performance.

”Insider’s sponsored newsletter program continues to thrive, in part due to the smooth ad insertion process enabled by Jeeng. Ad inventory of two of its newsletters has been sold out for the rest of the year.”

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO

Results to Rave About

  • Hands-on assistance provided by Jeeng.
  • Jeeng cuts turnaround time by hours.
  • Simple and efficient GAM integration.


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