Case Study

Jeeng Delivers 80% Increase in CPM, 200% Earnings Growth for Jungo Labs with Email & Web Monetization

Digital publisher Jungo Labs delivers fun, interactive trivia experiences that drive high engagement and user loyalty. With two online and mobile destinations— for general trivia and for movie and TV buffs—the company has about 850,000 subscribers to its twice-daily emails and sends about 20 million emails a month.

The Challenge

Looking to generate more revenue to ramp up new user acquisition for TriviaSmarts, co-founder and CEO Brian Griffin began investigating email monetization. He started by dabbling in some direct-sold spots but found that this probably wouldn’t be sustainable considering Jungo’s small staff.

“I had actually tried another email ad network at my previous company, but I didn’t have a very good onboarding experience,” Griffin said. “They wanted exclusivity, a year-long commitment, plus platform fees…they weren’t very publisher-friendly.

The Solution

On the hunt for a more automated, less labor-intense solution, Griffin recalled meeting Jeeng COO & co-founder Dileep Thazhmon at Affiliate Summit, while his co-founder, Amanda Coleman, had met Thazhmon’s co-founder, Jeff Kupietzy, at another industry function.

Jungo Labs began monetizing the morning trivia alert emails with Jeeng’s email ad units. They also added both display and native units to the website as well, where players might see a new ad at various times while taking a quiz.

“For the level of service, payment terms, reliability and performance, I would hands-down work with Jeeng over their competition any day. They’re much more focused on supporting their publishers.”

Brian Griffin , CEO

The Results

Griffin and his team are extremely pleased with the results Jeeng has generated. As the ads have become more precisely tuned and optimized based on user behavior, Jungo Labs’ earnings from Jeeng have grown 200%, while CPM has gone up steadily from $1.65 to $3 for a more than 80% increase, all with practically no effort.

“We haven’t had to do anything with it; that’s just the platform optimizing for our subscribers’ palate,” Griffin said. “And, it continues to optimize our traffic and our CPM. We’ve been very pleased and can invest 100% of the revenue from Jeeng back into our media spend to grow our subscriber base.”

In fact, Jungo Labs has already added more than 150,000 unique users since launching Jeeng monetization—a direct result of the increase in revenue that enabled higher media spend. “The ROI is very good, especially because I don’t really have to do anything,” Griffin said. “It takes care of itself.”

Perhaps equally as valuable as the revenue generated is how fast Jungo gets paid. “Google, Facebook, all the big platforms where we buy media want to be paid up front, so cashflow is critical,” Griffin said. “Jeeng provides dependable cashflow that allows us to continue reinvesting in list growth.”

While the Jeeng solution is relatively hands-off, Griffin says the level of service he gets from the Jeeng team when needed is second-to-none. “They’re incredibly responsive,” he said. “It’s mostly set it and forget it, and we don’t have to do a lot of work to maintain it, but when I do reach out, I get a response and resolution immediately.”

Griffin and the Jungo Labs team has been so satisfied, they’re planning to launch Jeeng’s new push notification monetization system soon, as well.

“For the level of service, payment terms, reliability and performance, I would hands-down work with Jeeng over their competition any day,” Griffin added. “They’re much more focused on supporting their publishers.”

  • Dramatically reduced time and effort configuring and trafficking ads in newsletters
  • Offered best in class customer service
  • Increased ROI and optimized traffic and CPM


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