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Jeeng AdServe Generates 10% More Revenue For Regit Car Concierge Site

With a robust email program that sends out reminders, recall notices, and more daily, email is a primary channel for Regit’s services and a critical component in the company’s engagement and revenue strategy. It uses email not only to promote its site and products, but also to gather data and insights about its user base to refine its messaging and partnership programs.

In addition to personalized notices regarding maintenance and other issues related to the car ownership lifecycle, Regit also sends two newsletters a week: one with special partner offers, and the other a more general look at “what’s new” in the auto industry. Both aim to drive subscribers to the site, where those views are monetized through banner ads, used and new car listings from partners and other typical website-monetization tactics.

Looking to add new revenue and monetize it’s high-engaging email newsletters, Regit began investing in email advertising to supplement its online advertising program. After a brief trial with LiveIntent, they decided it was a bit more cumbersome than they’d hoped.

“[With LiveIntent] I had to log in, set up the ads and make sure they were working right for every single send. Plus, it was totally separate from our online advertising, so it was a lot of duplicating efforts, and it was just very time consuming,” said Brice Agamemnon, digital campaign manager for Regit.

After a quick search on Reddit to find an alternative, Regit opted to give Jeeng AdServe a try. Not only was the setup and implementation extremely easy, but with Jeeng AdServe’s direct integration with virtually every online ad server, it makes managing Regit’s web and email ad programs a snap. Native ads automatically populate into every email and can be targeted to subscribers’ preferences and known attributes.

“With Jeeng, the integration with our online ad server was a massive plus. Having everything in one server makes it easier to report, online ads translate to html for emails and it just works seamlessly,” commented Agamemnon. “The cost of the product is also very competitive, if not the most competitive we found. Jeeng is clearly the best choice.”

In addition to making things simpler for the Regit team, Jeeng has also helped to improve the personalization and relevancy of the ads subscribers see. When Regit’s direct-sold ad inventory is fulfilled, the ad slots are backfilled from the Jeeng AdMarket, delivering precisely targeted ads based on each subscribers’ user profile, past click behavior and other factors.

Of course, the revenue boost has been a tremendous benefit as well. In just the first quarter with Jeeng AdServe, Regit saw its email newsletters generate over £2,000 ($2,600). Jeeng is generating almost 10% of Regit’s revenue now, and that portion is growing. As they send more mail, they’ll earn more, thanks to the targeting capability that lets the company reach the right user at the most optimum moment.

“Jeeng has fit perfectly into our strategy, helping us to grow revenue easily. Plus, the support team has been great, and if we’ve had an issue, they’ve been there to help us,” added Agamemnon. “For anyone who’s considering adding Jeeng AdServe, I say go for it. There’s minimum risk, no major cost, and it just works.”