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The Real Deal Cuts Ad Trafficking Time by 75% with Jeeng AdServe

Considered “the bible” for the real estate industry, The Real Deal reaches millions of real estate professionals nationally as the go-to source for national real estate news coverage. With a newsletter program reaching over 300,000 subscribers across 15 lists, The Real Deal’s weekly distribution includes localized publications covering NYC, LA and Florida among others, along with special interest e-news covering data, financing, prop-tech and other topics.

Manual Monetization: Cumbersome & Time Consuming

When he first came to The Real Deal, Director of Ad Ops Shlomo Kutner says the company had been using MailChimp to monetize its campaigns, manually dragging and dropping ads into each template. The process required daily maintenance, with each campaign having to be manually configured the day before send. Every subscriber saw the same ad, with no personalization, and the process was cumbersome and time-consuming.

“We could track clicks on links, but that was about it. It was clunky, and in order to track metrics, we had to manually go into each campaign, know which template and what date the ad ran,” he said. “It was cumbersome, and certainly not the most efficient way to measure.”

Looking for a more efficient and automated solution, Shlomo recalled his previous experience with LiveIntent at New York Magazine.

“We used LiveIntent, but you had to traffic everything on their system,” he said. “But most of our ad trafficking and reporting was in Google Ad Manager, so it was a lot of back and forth. While I was there, we switched over to using Jeeng, and it was just a lot more efficient. So, when I saw the same issues going on here at The Real Deal, it was a no brainer: we switched to Jeeng.”

Jeeng: A No Brainer

The Jeeng AdServe integrates directly with GAM, allowing Shlomo and other publishers to consolidate ad management into a single platform. This dramatically reduces the amount of manual effort required to traffic campaigns across the web and in email, and it allows publishers to manage direct sold and house ads together in one system. Plus, publishers can take advantage of Jeeng’s AdFill for Email (backfill) inventory to populate empty containers with curated ads based on subscribers’ interests and behavior to guarantee monetization of every single ad send.

And, because Jeeng AdServe is essentially a set-it-and-forget-it solution, Shlomo and his team can traffic campaigns well in advance, in minutes, rather than manually programming each the day before send. “Instead of being dependent on someone to traffic the day before, we can now program campaigns for any time in the future,” he said. “If we sell a campaign for a year from now, we can traffic that today and know it will deliver as expected.”

Simplified Workflow, Huge Time Savings

With the simplified workflow, Shlomo says the Jeeng AdServe solution cuts the time it takes for his team to traffic ads from a couple hours a day down to just 15 minutes. This massive time savings allows The Real Deal Ad Ops team to be more strategic and useful, focus more on content optimization, and even launch new newsletter products, all aimed at driving more traffic back to their site.

“Jeeng just makes my life so much easier,” Shlomo said. “Now, I don’t have to deal with drag and drop, checking creative, etc. Now, I can traffic an entire campaign, A/B test and optimize placements…it’s just night and day compared to what we had before. Just the fact that we can make money from this, and have it pay for itself…that’s really the cherry on top.”

Reliability, Consistency & Outstanding Service

In addition to the time savings, Shlomo says the Jeeng solution is also much more reliable and offers the programmatic solution that keeps their newsletters driving revenue. “We’d previously dealt with some issues where ads weren’t displaying properly, and if we didn’t upload the right aspect ratio or if they used .gifs, they didn’t work properly,” he said. “Now, we have very consistent specs, and Jeeng Adserve gives us very flexible, strong programmatic ads, so we can make money instead of just running house ads.”

For anyone considering Jeeng for email monetization, Shlomo says it’s a no brainer.

“You should definitely do it,” he said. “I’ve been there, I’ve seen the other platforms like LiveIntent. Jeeng is the way to go. The support we get is outstanding and incredibly responsive. We get an answer within 10-15 minutes with any issue. We always feel like a priority with Jeeng, and we didn’t get that with other providers.”

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