December 6, 2021

What is Audience Engagement Technology?

Audience engagement technology refers to tools that businesses can use to increase audience participation and interactions — whether across online channels or during in-person events.

What can audience engagement technology do?

Traditional audience engagement tools can help streamline event experiences and interactions.

A publisher, for example, might launch a virtual event on a social media platform and use audience engagement technology to keep track of comments and questions.

Or a brand might host an in-person panel discussion and use audience engagement technology across mobile devices to process registrations, run polls, and receive feedback.

Audience engagement technology can also refer to platforms and systems that publishers use to automate personalized content delivery across channels like email, web, and push notifications.

Powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms, these audience engagement tools can gather real-time customer data, create target audience segments, and deliver relevant content to increase engagement.

Why is audience engagement technology important?

Audience engagement technology is important because it can help boost and automate experiential a brand or publisher’s marketing efforts. By increasing audience engagement, businesses can generate more exposure, awareness, and, ultimately, revenue.