March 1, 2022

How Does Personalization Work?

Personalization is the process of creating content that is customized to the interests, behaviors, and preferences of a certain audience.

A publisher, for example, might reach readers with email newsletters of personalized content recommendations based on their engagement history.

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Why is personalization important?

Personalization is important because it helps messaging stand out and grab people’s attention. By delivering content that is relevant to each reader’s values and needs, publishers and advertisers can more effectively drive results and revenue. As a 2022 study from Jeeng and Mantis Research found, a growing number of consumers are demanding personalized experiences, especially on channels like email.

Download the 2022 Digital Publishing Consumer Survey Report, here.

How do you personalize content?

Publishers and brands can begin personalizing their content by:

  • Gathering first-party data from digital channels like email newsletters and website preference centers
  • Creating target audience segments based on demographic signals and behaviors
  • Building customized content specifically for those audiences and their favorite platforms
  • Delivering comprehensive experiences across high-engagement channels like email, push notifications, websites, and newsreaders