September 9, 2021

How Can I Increase My Content Engagement?

Increasing content engagement is fundamental to driving leads, subscriptions, and revenue. It’s also the key to driving potential subscribers and customers through the marketing funnel, so they can eventually become loyal consumers.

What are examples of ways to increase content engagement?

There are many strategies publishers and advertisers can use to increase content engagement — such as clicks, shares, downloads, and sign-ups — including:

  • Collecting audience data and building unique segments for targeting
  • Using that data to build and distribute personalized content 
  • Investing in high-engagement channels like email, push notifications, and news reader apps
  • Building a multi-channel messaging strategy beyond search and social platforms

Why is it important to increase content engagement?

Increasing engagement is important because it helps publishers and advertisers build and nurture relationships with their consumers. High-quality engagements, in particular, like email subscriptions and app downloads, strongly indicate interest on the user’s part and can be used to generate data for optimizing and personalizing future content and campaigns.

How can you start increasing content engagement?

Publishers and advertisers can start increasing content engagement by using the strategies above and harnessing the power of tools like ad personalization platforms. These comprehensive platforms can automate the process of creating and distributing more relevant, engaging content for their audiences at scale.