March 6, 2022

What Are the Best Audience Engagement Tools?

Traditionally, audience engagement tools are technologies that publishers and brands can use to promote and enable engagement among audience members of in-person or virtual events.

Audience engagement tools can also be platforms that businesses use to automatically deliver personalized content to target audiences across channels — driving engagement and revenue. 

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Why are audience engagement tools important?

Audience engagement tools are important because they can help publishers and brands drive awareness, consideration, and leads across channels like email, push notifications, websites, and newsreaders.

Depending on each company’s engagement and marketing goals, these tools might be used to increase clicks, conversions, shares, subscriptions, and purchases.

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What are top audience engagement tools?

Popular types of audience engagement tools include:

  • Marketing automation systems
  • Email automation platforms
  • Programmatic advertising platforms

The best audience engagement tools will use machine learning algorithms and first-party data to streamline the marketing process, gathering and activating real-time insights to optimize content and campaigns.