March 1, 2022

What is Content Targeting?

Content targeting is the process of delivering content to audiences based on target keywords and other criteria.

Also known as contextual advertising, content targeting involves matching the user’s keywords and queries with the keywords in the ad and on the page — creating more relevant, personalized, and engaging experiences.

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What is an example of content targeting?

Say a fashion retailer wants to launch ads across email newsletters. The retailer can work with an email marketing platform to programmatically buy ad inventory based on the keywords in each newsletter. With this type of contextual targeting, the brand can reach potential customers in relevant environments, such as fashion publishers’ newsletters, increasing their likelihood of driving clicks and conversions.

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How does content targeting work?​​

Marketing automation platforms can help advertisers more efficiently reach target audiences with content marketing at scale. This type of tool will use real-time data and algorithms to scan content for relevant keywords, match them with ads, and deliver them to engaged audiences across channels.