August 22, 2022

What is Email Advertising?

Email advertising is the process of launching paid ads in email newsletters to engage target audiences and drive revenue.

There is a variety of email ad formats, such as:

  • Display ads
  • Text ads
  • Native or sponsored ads
  • Affiliate ads

What is an example of email advertising?

Say a fashion publisher runs a weekly email newsletter of content roundups. They can sell display ad inventory within those newsletters, offering fashion related-brands an opportunity to advertise to their subscribers. The publisher can then earn money for each ad impression, click, or conversion.

What are the benefits of email advertising?

For publishers, email advertising can be a strong revenue channel, in addition to others like website ads, paywalls, and paid subscription programs. With the right monetization strategies and partners, publishers can fund their entire email newsletter operations with ads.

For brands, email advertising offers a way to reach built-in audiences of readers who are more likely to trust and engage with ad content from publishers they’ve already subscribed to.

How can you run email advertising?

Email ads can be bought and sold directly or programmatically through email ad servers and ad networks.

A programmatic ad platform, for example, can automatically:

  • Create target audience segments based on real-time data
  • Sell ad placements based on bids and relevance
  • Support different email templates and ad formats
  • Track and optimize campaigns