May 23, 2022

What is Email Messaging?

Email messaging is content that is delivered directly to people’s inboxes via an email network or platform.

What is an example of email messaging?

An example of email messaging is a newsletter of trending stories delivered by a publisher or a promotional email delivered by an advertiser. Email messaging from publishers can also contain ads, allowing those publishers to monetize their audiences and reach subscribers with relevant, personalized ads on behalf of brand partners.

Why is email messaging important?

Email messaging is important because email remains one of the most engaging, personal, trustworthy, and versatile marketing and advertising channels on the web. Going further, email is an opt-in channel, so businesses can use it to reach people who’ve already expressed interest in consuming their content.

Email is also a valuable source of first-party customer data, which publishers and brands can use in lieu of third-party cookies to track and target audiences in privacy-safe ways.

How can you create and deliver email messaging?​​

Publishers and advertisers can launch email messaging manually. Or they can save time and money by using a marketing automation platform to optimize email delivery and reach target audiences with the most relevant content in real time.