September 22, 2022

What is email sponsorship?

Email sponsorship is the process of paying to support a publisher’s email in exchange for access to built-in subscribers.

In a sponsorship email, the newsletter content and subject line are still created by the publisher, but it’s delivered on behalf of the sponsor or advertiser. This sponsorship is usually called out with a disclaimer, such as “Sponsored by” or “Paid for by,” and the brand’s logo.

What is an example of email newsletter sponsorship?

A kitchenware brand, for example, might sponsor an email newsletter of recipes from a cooking blog. Or a bank might sponsor an email of trending news stories from a finance publication.

What are the benefits of sponsorship emails?

As an email marketing strategy, email sponsorship offers many benefits to both brands and publishers. For advertisers, the biggest advantages of sponsorship emails include:

  • Access to target audiences. Brands can tap into publisher subscriber bases and niche communities of readers.
  • Increased awareness. By sponsoring relevant, high-quality publisher content, brands can drive awareness and recall among engaged audiences.
  • Easy setups. Advertisers don’t have to create ads or messaging from scratch. They can simply put their name and logo on a publisher’s email.

Meanwhile, publishers can reap these benefits from sponsored emails:

  • Increased revenue. By monetizing their newsletters, publishers can earn revenue from each email open, impression, or click.
  • Creative control. The publisher is still responsible for the email content; the advertiser just provides their name and logo.
  • An antidote to ad blockers. Sponsored content like branded emails usually aren’t subject to ad blockers, which prevent people from seeing pop-ups, banner ads, and display ads.

How can you launch sponsored emails?

Advertisers can find emails to sponsor by connecting directly with publishers. Or they can use a marketing automation platform to be matched with the most relevant publishing partners and email audiences. A marketing platform can also provide automatic performance tracking and optimization to help advertisers and publishers make the most of their email campaigns.

Jeeng, for example, connects advertisers with publishers to sponsor emails. We represent the publisher as their sales agent and then set them up with the right advertisers who are willing to pay their desired rate.