February 3, 2023

What is Native Rendering?

Native rendering is the process of loading ads using native code that already exists on a specific host platform.

In essence, native rendering enhances the speed of ad loading, which results in an improved user experience. It includes new templates and customization options that advertisers can utilize to create their ad creatives.

Why is native rendering so important?

Native ad rendering is important because it further automates the native ad delivery process and functionality, helping advertisers and publishers save time and money on campaign management and its components. 

Native ads already improve user experiences, since they match the form of their surrounding content and styles to fit seamlessly into distribution channels. Native ad rendering makes that process even smoother, preparing for ad delivery on target platforms — ahead of time.

How can you render ads natively?

Many programmatic marketing platforms have their own native rendering. Google Ad Manager (GAM), for example, renders ads natively based on advertisers’ specifications. The platform also offers custom rendering capabilities with your own in-app code.

Jeeng has its own native ad renderer, which is integrated with GAM, so publishers and advertisers can deliver email-ready ads. They can also add custom native components like clickable URLs, images, titles, subtitles, fonts, and descriptions.