May 10, 2022

What Is Personalized Content?

Personalized content is marketing material that’s been customized to a specific audience based on their demographics, behaviors, or preferences.

What is an example of personalized content?

Personalized content can span many formats, such as blog posts, emails, push notifications, social media updates, videos, and website ads. A news publisher, for example, might deliver personalized push notifications to readers who’ve opted in to receive real-time alerts about trending stories in politics. The publisher can even further personalize those notifications by monetizing them with relevant ads from brand partners.

Why is personalized content important?

Personalized content is important because it yields more relevant and engaging experiences for consumers across platforms. By delivering personalized content, publishers and advertisers can more effectively increase customer satisfaction, trust, leads, and revenue. 

How can you create and deliver personalized content?​​

Publishers and advertisers can build personalized content experiences by:

  • Collecting real-time, first-party data about customer demographics and behaviors
  • Using that data to create unique audience segments
  • Building customized content that matches the interests of those audience segments
  • Programmatically delivering targeted content to those segments across platforms
  • Adopting an AI-based marketing automation platform to streamline and optimize these processes