January 30, 2019

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Rock Star Monetization

Be honest: Are you getting the results you want from your monetization efforts?

Many business owners aren’t — and they don’t understand why. Self-proclaimed advertising experts constantly preach against putting all your eggs in one basket, so many marketers obsessively diversify their advertising efforts.

And that’s the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with diversifying your monetization streams as long as you do it wisely. Just don’t spread your message across multiple platforms without focusing on customers who truly want to hear it. Concentrate your efforts on consumers who want to hear from you, not potential customers who may or may not care about your company.

Here’s the deal:

If you bombard readers with ads or show up on the wrong platform, people are going to get angry with you. They may also lose respect for your company or stop trusting your business.

You don’t want that. It’s hard to bounce back from a blemished brand, so it’s essential that you keep your current — and potential — customers happy.

We know how to do that.

Through years of extensive research, Jeeng discovered that readers generally react well to email marketing. Many marketers falsely believe email marketing is an outdated way to reach readers, but that’s not the case. Email recipients want to hear from you, so you don’t have to hunt down engaged subscribers.

In fact, many publishers rack up more than 20 percent of their ad revenue from email marketing. Readers trust email content as long as they’ve opted in to hear from you. Your audience wants to hear from you, so they believe what you say. Expect subscribers to treat your company’s emails as reliable advice from a trusted friend rather than unsolicited advice from a nagging know-it-all.

So, does that mean you should completely abandon marketing attempts on other platforms?

Not at all. It’s wise to diversify your income lines, but don’t neglect your current customers while you pursue new ones. Build your monetization around email marketing, but don’t be afraid to expand to other platforms.

We’ve detailed how to do this in The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Rock Star Monetization, our handy eBook for digital marketers. Our info-packed book contains helpful tips for everything from email marketing to push notifications.

Here’s what you can expect to find in The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Rock Star Monetization:

  • How to maximize revenue without alienating or irritating your audience
  • Why monetization matters if you’re a digital publisher
  • The struggles of monetization
  • Issues with Facebook marketing
  • Why you should focus on email monetization
  • Brand safety and identity
  • Cookie-based data versus people-based data
  • Effective online monetization strategies
  • The importance of automation and consolidation
  • Mastering multichannel marketing
  • Statistics that back up our claims

Why You Should Download Our eBook?

Why learn through trial and error when we have the information available for you!

We want to help you succeed, but it’s difficult to do that if you’re focusing your monetization efforts on the wrong platforms. The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Rock Star Monetization explains how to manage multichannel marketing without spreading yourself too thin. Our goal is to help you create a respected, trustworthy presence across the web, whether your audience discovers your ads in their inbox, on social media or via push notifications.

Get the facts about digital marketing from our eBook, including:

  • How browser-based ad blockers affect your campaigns
  • Why you should apply the KISS Principle to your monetization plans
  • Why outsourcing your audience to Facebook is the most dangerous thing you can do
  • How search data from multiple users affects your cookie demographics
  • Why accurate data matters
  • Five reasons email marketing works so well
  • How rich media increases conversion rates

We break down our research-driven approaches in a user-friendly manner so you can begin implementing and maximizing your own monetization streams immediately.

Your customers want personalized content that reflects their interests and addresses their needs. You may think you’re delivering that, but your click-through rates and sales might reflect otherwise.

That’s okay, though. It takes time to master modern marketing, especially when there are so many platforms available. That’s why we break down your options in our eBook instead of leaving you to figure them out on your own.

Ready to provide relevant ads to customers who want to hear from you? Download The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Rock Star Monetization now and master the art of multichannel marketing.

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