May 31, 2022

2022 Digital Advertising Consumer Survey Report

Consumer behaviors are shifting in unprecedented ways. (And we’re not just talking about their growing interest in true crime dramas about scammers.)

The pandemic has impacted the way people consume content, access news sources, purchase products, and communicate. 

Now that those new behaviors are largely here to stay, advertisers have a major opportunity. They should aim to not just keep up with these changes, but to actually capitalize on them and build more engaging strategies for a digital world.

The question is: How exactly can they do that?

Jeeng launched its 2022 Digital Advertising Consumer Survey Report to find out. We unearthed consumer trends in online publishing to discover where and how people are getting their news, what they expect from their content experiences, and how advertisers can better reach these audiences with data-backed campaigns.

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Here’s a peek at what we learned.

Email reigns supreme

Americans are consuming more news than ever, but they’re using one channel in particular to do it: email.

According to our study, publishers have seen a nearly 2X increase in email readership, with U.S. adults saying this channel is their preferred medium for receiving real-time alerts. 

consumption across channels

On top of that, more than 75% of consumers say they check their email several times a day, compared to just 66% in 2020. And the best news for brands looking to tap into email audiences? Almost 70% say they will click on an email newsletter ad if it’s interesting or relevant to them.

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Audiences crave personalization

Personalization isn’t an add-on for consumers anymore. It should be a core part of their content experiences, otherwise they may get frustrated or leave for a competitor who does take their interests into account.

subscribe to personalized emails

As we found, half of U.S. adults want email content and ads to be personalized to their interests — up from 42% in 2020. And two-thirds say they’re more likely to subscribe to a publisher’s email offering if they know it’ll include personalized content.

Advertisers can fit into this personalized channel by creating email-ready ad campaigns that are customized to each subscriber base.

And that just scratches the surface of what we discovered…

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