August 31, 2020

3 Steps to a Strong Digital Strategy for Publishers

Jeeng’s CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, recently contributed a bylined article to Martech Zone about about building a 3-pronged digital strategy for publishers to increase revenue and drive audience engagement.   

He started out discussing the main challenges publishers are facing today:

  1. Paywalls are deterring subscribers and driving them to where they can consume free content.
  2. Direct-sold programs are resource-intensive, making them unrealistic for many smaller/niche publishers.
  3. Working with an ad network relies too much on cookies for targeting.
  4. Cookies usually track users without their knowledge or consent, which is a cause for privacy concerns.
  5. Ad blockers and incognito mode have seriously hindered tracking based on cookies.
  6. The ban on third-party cookies by the big browsers has made cookies basically irrelevant.
  7. It is a struggle to leverage social networks to generate revenue.

Publishers must adapt to this new reality by taking control of their audiences and building a strong 1:1 relationship with them, instead of relying on third-party data.

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A Winning Digital Strategy for Publishers

There are 3 steps Jeff suggests that publishers incorporate into their digital strategy if they are to succeed despite all of these challenges:

  1. Own your audience.
  2. Leverage direct channels that you own instead of social and search.
  3. Using automation to send relevant, personalized content

Following these 3 steps (and using an automated solution for it) is key to succeeding in this new paradigm. By automating your personalized content distribution and leveraging your owned channels, you can increase traffic and revenue.

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