September 3, 2020

3 Ways Advertisers Can Engage New Audiences

Jeeng’s CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, recently got a new byline article published on CommPRO! In the article, he discusses 3 ways advertisers can leverage the trust that publications build with their subscribers so they can engage with highly interested and targetable audiences.   

He started out explaining the new paradigm advertisers must adjust to: Most browsers are no longer allowing third-party cookies, so advertisers are under tons of pressure to find alternative ways of interacting with consumers online.

The solution to this challenge is straightforward. According to Jeff, digital media outlets that offer customized and relevant content to their opt-in users are the jackpot for advertisers. These publications have a treasure trove of first-party data — they know their audience’s preferences and interests based on their past behavior. They also offer something that is hard to come by anywhere else: consumer trust.

People trust the publications they subscribe to, and this trust is conveyed to the ads inside their content.

Advertisers Can Engage New Audiences in 3 Easy Ways

There are 3 ways Jeff suggests advertisers use to engage with these highly captive audiences:

  1. Advertising in email newsletters
  2. Monetizing push notifications
  3. Joining a multichannel ad network

Advertisers need to find effective methods for reaching opt-in audiences in our constantly shifting digital landscape. 1:1 channels, like email and push notifications of publishers, can help advertisers adapt and increase engagement and revenue.

Want to learn more? Read the full article here. 

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