March 11, 2018

5 AdTech Trends To Watch

While it’s true that twenty five years ago we may have expected greater technological advances by this year (think flying cars, and robot companions), strides have definitely been made. From Tesla’s self-driving cars, to innovations in social media, to advances to robotics, the needle is being moved forward, just not as quickly as we had anticipated.

However, an area that is seeing rapid change is in advertising. Adtech is a word uttered at just about every marketing/advertising conference and knowing about the latest trends isn’t just fun, but a must, if you are to remain cutting edge. Below are five AdTech trends to be mindful of this year.

Email Newsletters & Advertisements: perfection

Emails are a great source of revenue, as they lead the reader to click on content within the newsletter. In fact, revenues from advertising in emails currently makes up more than 20% of the total turnover from advertising. You can easily add native, display, video or even exclusive advertisements to email newsletters you are already sending and earn revenue almost immediately.

Programmatic is Getting More Serious

A programmatic approach will still be a win-win scenario for advertisers – marketers will gain more control and transparency over bidding and could leverage first-party data. Wherever transparency is valued and user quality (ROAS) is a leading KPI, programmatic media-buying will have to be leveraged and the better this marketing channel is understood, the better it can be seized for advertising success.

Video Ads

Video ads have been and will continue to be popular among marketers looking to expand brand awareness, as video is a highly engaging format and it usually creates an emotional connection with the viewer since there is some content interaction. Now accounting for 57% of digital ad revenues.

…and more vertical video ads

The one big improvement towards the way video will be viewed in 2018, is video ads going vertical. We have already seen this trend pick up in 2017, especially on Snapchat and Instagram, however there will be more adoption on both the publisher and advertiser side throughout 2018.

It’s All About the Data

The big data market is expected to be worth more than $100 billion by the end of 2018. As the data sets become more granular and detail oriented, the analysis on the marketers’ end does as well, tracking performance from initial touchpoint with the ad of the user through to the final conversion. Ad targeting improvement will accelerate as the technology matures and we will be getting more and more data from consumers.

Ads and VR/AR

According to Digi-Capital, mobile is set to become the primary driver of a $108bn VR/AR market by 2021. The great thing about VR is that you can market in bursts and see great viewability. Mobile will make  VR and AR experiences totally mainstream. The opportunity to create amazing experiences powered by high-end technology we all carry with us non-stop is an opportunity for brands to stand out in a world of ad blindness, ad blockers and consumer control.

We may not have flying cars yet, but we are seeing advertising practices that are far ahead of what we would have imagined even five years ago.  Contact Jeeng today to learn how to start monetizing email newsletters and other digital real estate – with programmatic, video, native, display – and see revenue and data results immediately.