December 17, 2020

5 Ways Publishers Can Increase Engagement and Revenue

Jeeng’s CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, recently got a new byline article published on Digiday! In the article, he discusses 5 ways publishers can increase audience engagement and generate more revenue by leveraging the power of personalization.   

He started out explaining how publishers have been a bit slower to adopt personalization strategies (beyond localization and the first name) than their brand marketing counterparts. While it might seem strange to personalize the news, audiences now expect content personalization in every part of their digital experience.  And that includes the news, too.

Publishers must enable their teams to give audiences what they want — personalized experiences. Doing so will help them generate more revenue as a result.

Publishers can increase engagement and revenue in 5 ways

There are 5 ways Jeff says publishers can engage audiences and increase revenue:

  1. Dig into the audience data
  2. Think like an online retailer
  3. Use multichannel engagement
  4. Get the timing right
  5. Leverage AI

Publishers must evolve to provide the tailored, curated content that audiences want in order to keep them engaged and loyal.

Want to learn more? Read the full article here. 

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