September 7, 2016

Advertisers: Here’s How to Avoid the Facebook Battleground

It’s been a rough month for Facebook and its advertising and publishing partners.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick rundown:

Zuck and company have been locked in a heated battle with online ad blockers as the two trade technological blows to gain supremacy over the users’ news feeds. Of course, Facebook wants to make sure its advertisers and shareholders stay happy by ensuring paid ads and sponsored posts actually make it to users’ eyeballs. Ad blockers aim to thwart that paid content, which they say is more about the data those ads collect and protecting users’ privacy than the display of the ads themselves. In the latest round, Facebook announced a new anti-ad-blocking technology, to which the most popular ad blocker, AdBlock Plus, said, “En Garde!” and countered with a workaround just a few days later, announcing its new anti-anti-ad-blocker. (Don’t worry. We’re confused too!)

Meanwhile, the world’s largest social site has also come under pressure from publishers for a glitch that halted the delivery of performance metrics that allowed content publishers to track and measure content distribution. Because so many media companies rely heavily on FB to distribute content, for many, the “glitch” is a startling reminder of just how dependent they’ve become, not to mention raises questions about how they’d cope if that “glitch” becomes permanent and Facebook begins limiting – or charging for – the “share” data it shares with publishers.

All of the controversy has advertisers and publishers who depend on Facebook for revenue generation pleading, “Stop the Insanity!” so they can just get back to business of marketing their products and distributing their content.

Digital marketing is stressful enough, with high stakes and intense pressure to prove ROI. It’s tough to make headway when so much of the process is beyond your control.

Email to the rescue!

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