July 20, 2017

How AI is changing the Future of Email Marketing

When you overhear a conversation on AI (artificial intelligence) technology, it’s easy to assume that the people in the discussion are either a) data scientists or b) avid fans of science fiction. AI, a popular subject explored for decades now in films like Metropolis, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and by MIT researchers is typically dubbed inaccessible by most people. Interestingly, however, AI is used by “common folk” on a nearly daily basis. From streaming music on Pandora or Spotify, to summoning Siri for help in sending a text message, or receiving alerts from a bank’s fraud support AI slips into our daily lives in ways we often don’t think about. Another place AI is making an appearance, albeit a covert one? Marketing.

A marriage between AI and Marketing is one that will be everlasting due to the increasing size of data available to marketers today. In 2016, the internet housed about 1 billion websites; the daily influx of data is almost hard to quantify. And while the human mind is a sophisticated machine unto itself, it is still prone to fallibility less common in a machine capable of combing information. One of the greatest benefits of AI intelligence? It’s ability to personalize results at an alarmingly expeditious rate.

AI technology available to marketers is in its early adoption phase but already is helping expedite sometimes tedious tasks like automation and customization. Being able to curate customer experiences with AI technology is one of the greatest advantages to marketers. Let’s face it—we’re already being spoiled by AI technology when we log into Netflix and see movies, TV shows and documentaries tailored to our tastes or log in to Spotify and hear special music mixes based upon previously listened songs. These techniques can also be applied in your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Having AI doesn’t necessarily mean having a new robot best friend (it can, of course, but we aren’t quite there yet…). Probably the biggest benefit of AI technology is its time-saving and customization capabilities.

There are many ways that technology is advancing—from AI, to other time-saving tools. These are all indicators of the future—not just for marketing, but for the world as a whole. The big question, of course, are we ready?

Another time-saving concept is Collective Intelligence (CI).  Jeeng’s Email Monetization solution use CI which in turn helps our  customers create hyper personalized and engaging emails in no time at all.  With a mix of tools that employ AI and/or CI in your marketing tool box – you will be unstoppable!